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July 12, 2019

Natural healthy food for human life

Natural healthy food for human life

1:whole food, full nutrition
2: Eat well for breakfast, eat well at lunch, eat less at dinner
3: The order of eating should also pay attention to

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natural healthy food

1:whole food, full nutrition

The so-called "full food" is a natural and complete food that has not been processed and refined, and still retains vitality. Neetsman is free image site

Dietary fiber is simply a polysaccharide and lignin that cannot be broken down by human digestive enzymes. It is ubiquitous in whole grains, beans, potatoes, corn, and various vegetables and fruits.

Dietary fiber is the environmental protection master of the human body. It is divided into two categories. Water-soluble dietary fiber can delay gastric emptying and increase satiety, so you can control your weight and not gain weight. It can also lower the content of cholesterol and triglycerides, so it can prevent heart disease and high blood pressure. At the same time, it can prevent blood sugar from rising rapidly and help prevent and control diabetes.

The water-insoluble dietary fiber is rough in nature, can promote gastrointestinal motility, increase stool volume, and dilute carcinogens in the large intestine, and excreted together with other impurities, so it can reduce constipation and prevent colorectal cancer.

For health reasons, the National Health Service recommends eating 25 to 35 grams of dietary fiber per day, but the average Chinese intake is only 14 grams, which is far from the standard. Another reason to eat whole food is phytochemicals. Fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans are rich in "phytochemicals" in addition to vitamins and minerals. Since the 1980s, many studies have confirmed that the chemical components of this plant food can fight disease, and

The anti-cancer effects of phytochemicals have been confirmed: first, activation of immune cells; second, inhibition of cancer cell signaling; third, inhibition of cancerous vascular proliferation; fourth, induction of benign differentiation of cancer cells, inhibition of tumor growth; Apoptosis; Six, anti-oxidation (anti-free radical) effect; Seven, containing plant-like hormones, can inhibit hormone-related cancer growth, and regulate hormones in both directions; eight, can reduce intestinal carcinogenesis.

These valuable anti-cancer ingredients are hidden in a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, especially in the epidermis and seed nucleus. Like tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene, the epidermis is three times the flesh; purple red grapes, blackberries, blueberries, etc., containing proanthocyanidins and polyphenols; orange carrots, mangoes, pumpkins, etc., containing carotenoids Yellow melon, diced, papaya, orange, containing cryptoxanthin and flavonoids, etc.

Most whole grains and legumes are rich in saponins and can neutralize some carcinogenic enzymes in the intestines. Lignin in whole grains removes free radicals from the blood. In addition, soy isoflavones, green tea catechins, curry curcumin, vitamins A, C, E in dark green and orange vegetables, and calcium, selenium in food, and polysaccharides in mushrooms. Anti-cancer.

Therefore, if it is a vegetable, try to eat roots, stems and leaves together. In the case of fruits, the edible parts include peels, fruit scoops, pulp, pits, seeds, etc., as far as possible to retain the form of conversion into concentrated juice, which can absorb more complete nutrition, and trace elements that are often not easily eaten. . For example, watermelon, the white melon capsule is rich in nutrients, but we often only eat red flesh, but discard the most nutritious part. The advocate of the vital diet, Dr. An, most admires the watermelon juice, as long as the thin green skin is scraped off, the whole piece can be put down. She encouraged patients to drink whole watermelon juice in the summer.

Green Apples on Brown Surface , examples of natural foods importance of natural foods benefits of natural food natural foods company list of natural foods natural food in tamil natural foods online natural food products
healthy food

Grapes are also, and many studies have confirmed that the ingredients that really fight cancer and protect the cardiovascular are in the skin and seeds. Unfortunately, many people feel that the skin is not good, the grape seeds are very hard, the teeth are not biting, and some people even bite their teeth, so I responded to Dr. An’s claim and put it into the conditioning machine. This kind of grape juice made with belt seeds is the whole grape juice, and it can also eat the nutrition of the whole grape.

Another advantage of whole food is the balance of cold and heat. Like all kinds of melons, many people worry that they are too cold. In fact, the whole melon, skin and seeds are hot, and the melon meat is cold. Like bitter gourd, many people feel very cold and don't dare to eat more, but if they are cooked together with the skin, and the kernel inside the fruit is eaten like a melon, there is no cold problem, and more nutrition. In addition, like melon, if the melon capsule is cut down, put it into the conditioning machine and add water to make milk, then use this winter melon milk to cook the melon, the flavor is better and eat more nutrients, of course, there is no cold problem.

This kind of eating is also the most environmentally friendly, because nothing is wasted, all eaten, and the food is the least.

The same is true for whole grains, and the whole, unrefined grains are not only rich in nutrients, but also full of food and not easy to eat too much. The refined white rice and white noodles not only leave empty heat, but also lose the protection of dietary fiber, which is easy to eat too much, and also makes blood sugar rise too fast.

Whether it is a mixture of fruits, buds and nuts, or a mixture of soy, glutinous grains and roots, nuts, and soup, because of the balanced nutrition, it is my whole food, maintenance A magic weapon for the health of the whole family.

 2: Eat well for breakfast, eat well at lunch, eat less at dinner

There is a proverb in the West saying, "I eat like a king in the morning, a prince at noon, and a cockroach in the evening." This sentence is very capable of grasping the essence of three meals.

Breakfast is the most important meal, because you need a nutrient supply after a night's sleep, and the morning is the most active time from 7:00 to 9:00, when eating breakfast is the easiest to digest. Breakfast also affects the mood and energy of the day, so you should provide a balanced, nutritious and easily digestible food. However, the breakfast time is short and often rushed, so I like to give myself and my family a "energy soup" in the morning. Whether it is vegetable puree or whole milky milk, it takes only a few minutes to detoxify and fill the nutrients. And it can be digested and absorbed in half an hour, and it can quickly provide the nutrients our body needs.

Lunch has activities in the afternoon, and the digestive power is stronger during the day. You can eat a little more. If you want to eat animal protein such as fish, it is easier to digest and absorb at noon.

Because dinner is close to sleep time, eating too much can not only digest and absorb, but also increase the work of digestive organs and increase the fatigue of the body; and the nutrients that cannot be digested and absorbed will become toxins, so eating late at night is very unhealthy for health.

Variety of Green Vegetables, examples of natural foods importance of natural foods benefits of natural food natural foods company list of natural foods natural food in tamil natural foods online natural food products
food to eat

 3: The order of eating should also pay attention to

From a physicochemical point of view, the human body is a magical chemical factory. The chemistry work performed by the liver alone is more than 500 kinds, and digestion is especially complicated. In order to help our stomach not to be too hard, the order of eating should also be exquisite: first slowly drink soup, inform the stomach, the food is coming; then eat lettuce because it is easier to digest; then eat cooked vegetables; then eat grains Miscellaneous grains, and finally eat more indigestible fish and meat, which can also reduce the absorption of animal foods and oils.

Fruit is a raw food that can be eaten before meals or between meals. In addition, bananas, pineapples, papayas, kiwis and other fruits that can help digestion are suitable for eating after meals. A small amount of meals is a good habit. I often drink a cup of 500c.c. soup for breakfast, hungry after a while, and then eat a piece of whole wheat bread. Between lunch and dinner, I will eat fruit and use it as afternoon tea to prevent hungry and eating.

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July 11, 2019

Mysteries in space that have not been discovered by the scientists

Mysteries in space that have not been discovered by the scientists

  • Gold-platinum gift to people on earth as a result of spatial events?
  • The hidden secrets in the universe can be solved using algorithms
  • Mysterious pyramid structure in space, scientists confused

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Gold-platinum gift to people on earth as a result of spatial events?

Gold-platinum gift to people on earth as a result of spatial events?
There are many mysteries in space that have not been discovered by the scientists yet, but there are many things that make the senses that all these things that people use in everyday life are a result of the spatial events that are available in research, ie research. It was against the people who used gold and platinum as a result of spatial events. At present, more than 80 percent of the metals are in space and have come up against the conflicts in the constellation. Research conducted by the University of Guf and the University of Columbia joint venture, and it is evident that due to the constraints of it, it is evident that due to the conflicts in space or in the constellation, metals, including platinum, may have originated.

The supernova in space has caused many things to occur due to exposure. Yet, many of the mysteries of space have remained intact, which scientists have not been able to find, while the secret of many such items is hidden in space, but now as the efforts are being conducted by scientists and researchers, one thing is clear, Do not be surprised if there are many true mysteries in the coming days. Uranium, plutonium, and things also came in the form of a reflection of spatial phenomena.

The hidden secrets in the universe can be solved using algorithms

Various remedies are being given to researchers, especially to get rid of hidden secrets in the universe. There are many mysteries in the universe that have not yet been discovered by researchers or scientists. It is confirmed by the National Academy of Sanyus of New York University that the secrets in the universe, with the help of algorithms, will be possible and can be traced. If talking about algorithm, the algorithm is part of a statistical basis, depending on which can be removed on various mysteries. Through the algorithm, multiple scientific methods will be created by researchers and scientists, and many important research will be done through the products of cell biology, physics, and cosmology. In addition to this research, the hidden secrets in the universe will also help in solving it. If talking about algorithm, many researchers are kept by the researchers, which help researchers to do a lot of research. It will be a very helpful topic for algorithm machine learning and numerical information and research in cosmology. On which basis many predictions can also be made. Using the algorithm, researchers are also using the data of the European Space Agency, and it is also getting very good success. It is true that the mysteries hidden in the universe could not be obtained by various researchers and scientists, and they can now be found using algorithms.

Photo of Solar System, mystery of space
mysteries of space

Mysterious pyramid structure in space, scientists confused 

Ceres - believed to be the eighth planet of the Solar System when it was first discovered on January 1, 1801. Nearly half a century later, in the 1850s, Sirus was discovered to be an asteroid, not a planet.

Cirrus is the largest space object between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The asteroid formed by the rocky core and the ice core is the third largest space object in the solar system.

The circus asteroid, about 945 kilometers in length, contains many interesting mysteries.

Mysterious bright spots:

The surface of the Cirrus asteroid is a very intriguing one, containing hundreds of mysterious bright spots.


It is worth noting that no clear description of those bright spots, which are believed to be salt reserves, has been found to date.


There are also theories that the mysterious spots on the surface of the circus may be volcanic or hot water.

One more mystery:

Even when the largest mysterious sparkle spot in the Circle Asteroid at about 6 miles was spotted, why it shines has confused astronomers to this day, and a mystery mystery has been discovered.

Unusual figure:

Recently, an unusual pyramid image has been found on the surface of the Cirrus asteroid.


The height of the found pyramid is estimated to be about four miles.

Mount Kilimanjaro:

That is, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is taller than Mount Kilimanjaro.

How it looks:

Christopher Russell, principal working team investigator, said: "It is not clear how the pyramid image will look on the Cirrus asteroid and what it will create."

Aguna Mons:

The pyramidal structure with steep slopes is named the Acuna Mons.


It is noteworthy that NASA said that the pyramid system, like the mysterious spots

Space mysteries and strange sounds that confuse the skull ..!

What the human race has accomplished in the last century is what this century has achieved. Likewise, the next generation of humanity will miss this century - this is the development of modern science and technology ..!

Even though such growth has grown to shrink the earth, it is a fact that many of the cosmic mysteries of the earth are not known. It may be said that it is impossible to know than to say that it is not.

There are a number of space mysteries that serve as a synopsis for scientists who devote themselves to space exploration. The most mysterious of them are compiled below!

Mystery 01:

The brightest mystery spots in the Ceres planet.

Dwarf planet:

Very small planets called dwarf planet, dwarf planet ..!


Ceres is a Dwarf Planet model and is the largest in the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.

Mystery 02:

Mercury scarps that show the largest staircases ..!

Four Years:

NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft has been exploring the planet Mercury for more than four years.


However, there is no accurate description of the Mercury slopes at 1000 km and 3000 meters.

Mystery 03:

Mars's mysterious cloud-like galaxies ..!

Cloud-like zone:

The cloud-like galaxy, which was unseen in March 2012, became very visible in April 2012.


After researching the history of space research, it was discovered in 1997 that a galaxy once appeared, although there is no clear information about this mysterious planet.

Mystery 04:

The mysterious asteroid star, which fell in Russia in February 2013 and injured more than 1200 people.


The origin of the 20-meter wide asteroid is yet to be ascertained.

Mystery 05:

Very unlikely, Pluto's little solar system ..!

Pluto's moons:

Pluto and its 5 moons together look like a small solar system. It is not clear how Pluto's moons formed.

Mystery 06:

Planet X is believed to be behind Pluto.

One component:

It is noteworthy that Planet X is part of the solar system in which we live.


It is believed that there may be more than one planet currently known as Planet X and Planet Y, which is larger than Earth.

Mystery 06:

Mysterious sounds in space ..! Of the sounds recorded so far in space, 5 are the most mysterious.

Mysterious Noise 01:

Saturn's radio emissions from Saturn's poles were recorded by NASA's Cassini spacecraft in April 2002.

Mysterious Noise 02:

Eruption on the Sun - NASA's Voyager I spacecraft recorded this in 2012.

Mysterious Noise 03:

Oscillations in the magnetic field - sounds like xylophone music recorded from the Comet 67P of Comet 67P!

Mysterious Sound 04:

Jupiter Lightning Noise - The worst lightning noise on the planet Jupiter recorded by NASA's Voyager spacecraft.

Mysterious sound 05:

Black Hole - The Black Hole sounding like a human pulse, and descending

4.5 billion years old planetary secret

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July 10, 2019

what factor cause to lose wight in our life

what factor cause to lose wight in our life?

1. Change at least 7 hours a day

When a person sleeps at least 7 hours a day, his metabolism stabilizes and this necessarily helps in reducing the weight.

2. Reduce the tension

Despite prevailing views, people usually get fat when they are under great stress. And there are several reasons why: Stress causes most of us to eat much more "food compensates" than usual, which harms the balance of our metabolism and can lead to overweight. Try to reduce stress, surround yourself with people, situations and feelings that do you good. Free image site visits neetsman

3. Treat yourself from time to time

From time to time indulge yourself in a dessert or cocktail you so avoid. If it's once a week, at the end of a Friday dinner, a sweet chocolate cake - that's fine. Pick the hard day of the week and allow yourself a little pampering. Not only will this dispel the desire it will also make the difficult day become much more pleasant. And do not worry, dessert after a proper meal, once a week, will not hurt your weight ...
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what is your wight? 

4. Allow your muscles to recover after a workout

Intensive daily training does not necessarily produce desired results. After exercise, the muscles need time to recover - as a rule, it is advisable to divide the work into muscle groups, so that all three exercises should be repeated in the muscle group.

5. Do not equip yourself with junk food

One of the effective ways to lose weight is not to put junk food home. Just so! You can not desire what you do not have. And if you need it, you'll have to make do with something healthy and nutritious instead.

6. Find a story or picture of someone who inspires you

Inspiration is essential for weight loss. Look at the picture, change the story as a mantra, and prove to yourself that you can do just like him.

7. Learn what foods are good and bad for you

To lose weight quickly, you need to know which foods are more friendly and which are not. What is the nutritional value of all foods and how they contribute to the body. And not at a schematic level, be aware of how each food makes you feel. Does pasta make you feel heavy, does a salad satisfy you, does meat make you firm, etc.

8. Do not skip protein

It is very important to have a balanced diet when trying to lose weight. That's why you need to make sure that at least two daily meals contain enough protein (eggs, white meat, fish ...). If you are a vegetarian, you can eat tofu, beans or asparagus. Protein will help you feel fuller, will help build your muscles after exercise and will help nurture and strengthen the skin, nails and hair.

9. Avoid emotional eating

It can be difficult to distinguish between a real need to eat and an emotional need, but when you have a program of five regular meals, it will be harder to be tempted. You must make sure that you are eating the right things at the right time in the right place. So there will be no chance of emotional eating, one that prevents a sense of compensation, greed or unpleasantness.

10.Eat with fewer people

Eating with a small group of people compared to a large group ensures that you eat less - not only because there will be less supply on the table but mainly because you will spend less time around the table.

11. Listen to your body

Listening to the body is the surest way of not eating too much. As mentioned, the brain signals at least 20 minutes after the sensation of satiety. In addition, the taste buds that strongly felt the taste of food at the beginning of eating, relax during eating. When there is a moment between bite and bite where you stop and take a deep breath - it's just the moment to stop eating. When the stomach is full and the taste buds no longer notice the flavors, even if the body has not yet received a signal from the brain that is seven, listen to the body and stop.

12. Kiss as much as possible

A kiss burns 5-6 calories per minute, so the more you kiss, the more calories you will burn. Besides, a kiss releases endorphins that makes you feel more uplifted and think about it, a kiss is an excellent occupation here.

13. Find your fiber dose

Fiber is essential for weight loss and proper functioning of the body; The digestive system will work smoothly, as well as metabolism and as a rule, the feeling will be much better. Combine fiber for breakfast or salad ...

14. Add a variety

Routine can get boring from time to time, so try to incorporate new physical exercises, try new recipes, try new tracks or anything that will diversify your day without breaking the weight loss program.

15. Do not starve yourself

When you try to lose weight, skipping meals does not help, on the contrary, it puts the body in the 'Stres' and then it will actually save the fat stores and will not break them. Besides, the starvation of the body produces deprivation and then causes a double compensatory eating and harm to health.

16. Be realistic

Not every day you get fat and not every day you lose weight. Define achievable goals.

17. Avoid negatives

Remove negative elements from your life - reduce communication with people who depress you and hurt your self-image and stick to those that contribute to building your self-confidence.

18.   Replace your unhealthy foods and drinks

Any unhealthy food or drink, they found his alternative - a carbonated drink, replaced with water. Chocolate cake, replaced with a dark chocolate cube. A bag of potato chips replaced with grapes, etc.

19. Employ yourself

The more busy you are and active outside the home, the more time you will have to flank the refrigerator and think about food.

20. Take a refreshing walk

After dinner, catch your foot, instead of turning on the TV - take a refreshing walk.

21. Take a picture of "Before" and "After"

This will motivate you and your curiosity to meet your goals and create change.
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simple way to lose weight 

 Get compliments with love

22. Drink plenty of water

Drinking should not take too much of your time, and if you just stick to a bottle of water and drink all the time, you will not have to waste time trying to figure out if you drank enough today. Studies have found that drinking water increases the sense of satiety and therefore makes people eat less. A study conducted in adults showed that drinking half a liter of water half an hour before meal reduces the intensity of hunger and the caloric intake of the meal.

23. Hide the junk

Far from the eye, far from the heart - worn, but working. If you want to reduce your chances of eating unhealthy foods, place them in a back closet, preferably behind a few cans. The less accessible and within sight, the better. Studies show that daily exposure to high-calorie foods increases hunger and cravings. Accordingly, studies recommend holding healthy snacks, such as fruits, in an accessible place and before your eyes.

24. When you are already sinning, use small plates

A small plate makes its contents look bigger. So if you have already given in to your instincts and reached for the bag of chips or the ice-cream container in the freezer, at least you were given a dish for a small dish that would make your brain think it was eating more.

July 10, 2019

useful tips for health about side effect of soft-drink and sleeping pills, Calcium deficiency and happiness in life.

Useful tips for health about soft-drink, Calcium deficiency and happiness in life. 

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soft drinks 
  • Serious drinks can be dangerous if you are drinking soft drinks, 
  •  Calcium deficiency affects other body organs with bone
  •  Be happy if you want to be happy, because it brings positive thoughts
  • If you take sleeping pills, be alarmed, high blood pressure can be a problem

July 10, 2019

what is the best lose weight diet for everybody?

Best lose weight diet for everybody

Health Desk: Some people are crash-dieting to lose weight. But the result is not permanent. As such people start to take proper diet, their weight starts to grow again. When it should be done that you lose the desired weight then your weight should go there and get stuck. However, this is possible only when you are not only dieting but also bring nutritional diversity and balance in diet. So let's know what should be the best diet plan to lose weight.
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lose weight 

Diet Tips for Weight Loss
Various food intake
Instead of concentrating on the same group in the diet, different foods should be included in their diet. Foods that are rich in protein, carbohydrate, fat, etc. can be included. In addition, food should also have whole grains and vegetables.

Have more protein
Indian food has more carbohydrate and fat than protein. So try to take a bigger part of the protein in the diet. Protein takes more time to digest and absorb blood vessels. It also consumes more calories. More consumption of calories will reduce weight.

There will be more fiber-free items
At least 30 to 35 grams of fiber should be in your daily diet. There is enough fiber in whole grains, chia seeds and fiber-based vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers and many fruits, such as pomegranate, almonds and cheeks.

Take detox diet a day
Include Detoxing in a Day Plan, one day in a diet plan. Detoxing removes toxic chemicals stored in the body. It is important to remove these toxic chemicals from the body to lose weight. Use trifle water for detox. It also helps to balance your hormones. This can reduce weight.

Take a limited amount of salt and sugar
Reduce the use of salt in your daily diet. Due to salt, the amount of water in the body increases, which is the main cause of obesity. Do not take more than 2 grams of salt every day. Keep the sugar dose too limited. If you stop using salt and sugar in routine life, your weight will quickly decrease.
There is less. And everything changes

  And everything is nothing, and life goes smoothly, and is pleased with himself. The emotions are alien to them because just the standards give the unpleasant truth. And the fact is that weight gain does not increase, or decrease, as we would like. What's the secret?

  All ingeniously easy - to be low!

Food culture has evolved in modern society, sometimes not what we want and not in the right quantity. A person who feels a lot less hungry than an emotional hunger feels. Consider these two options. When a person is really hungry, he can eat any food, even if it is a taste for him in his normal state. The body needs to fill in the nutritional deficiencies immediately. The feeling of real hunger sometimes accompanies abdominal pain, abdominal pain, hunger intensity, weakness. Dizziness. The feeling of hunger, caused by emotion, is different from the previous state. The main difference is that a person experiences an appetite for a particular food product, or, as people say, it goes through it. For example, in the imagination we extract fresh, juicy, crisp, fresh from the blisters .. The meat juice is a little squeezed, a red baked crust is appealing to the eye, the smell is odd and you go crazy. Bending over) ... but at the same time, you are semolina or not Dikincina given fish, it does not have the desire to eat .. .. Here's a hypothetical

Well, we have discovered that overeating is the main reason. It turns out that for the most part this is a real necessity, but a hungry imagination.

  There are also many reasons, with "folds" showing extra folds on our sides. Here are the main ones.


   For some of us, whether it’s a holiday or a holiday, inside the four walls, the refrigerator refuses to enjoy more than what is found in the bowels of the refrigerator. A piece of cake, a sandwich with sausage, a sugar jam or a cup of tea with a bun with chocolates for honey, sweets or tea .. How rare are those extra pounds?
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hard working

Watching TV.

   Well, how can you watch your favorite TV series without snacks and an interesting match without a glass of beer with nuts or delicious crisp chips? The result is natural and inevitable. Obesity. Therefore, ban yourself when watching TV. After all, even if you don't have a wolf's appetite, you can eat very quietly, no matter what happens on screen.

Excessive haste when eating.

   Hurrying home late for work or, on the contrary, when they come home after a busy day, as they say, "fill the belly." Eating should be done slowly and with care. This is especially important for an evening meal, as it is possible to eat less than in a hurry, and the digestive process is not burdensome.

Bad mood and low self-esteem.

  Too much sex, suffering from low self-esteem, "seized" their grief. Someone like sweets and chocolates means cakes. But every time you send another piece of your favorite snack in your mouth, the extra pounds of your self-esteem don't add to the benefits. Don't make a bad circle: "I'm alone. No one loves me. I have to eat a cake. Grief goes down.

Dinners, corporate parties.

   Often in a large organization, for the sake of toasting and spiritual discussion, gourmet food is not recognized. And eating a healthy, relaxing environment, controlling the appetite type of food is not okay, you want to try it all, weight loss is the main cause.

Develop yourself a good habit of calorie breakfast in the morning. The calories consumed during this time are rationally used by the body daily. Diet consumed in the afternoon mainly leads to the formation of strategic reserves for body fat. If your breakfast is full, it will help you eat less during the day and at night. An organism that is inadequately supplied with nutrients does not send hunger signals.

Eat only when you have a real feeling of hunger.

As soon as you feel the urge to eat something, drink a glass of mineral water without gas. The thirst of our brain is often considered hunger. Sometimes it is ironic, like eating half an hour ago, and already having a desire to eat. If the feeling of hunger has subsided, your body needs fluid intake, and the time to eat food is not yet over. A true appetite-borne experience reduces the participation of carbohydrates and fats faster in the formation of fat reserves. Calories derived from fast carbohydrates and fats are spent on the body's real, current needs.

Give the food tasteless.
Try to eat slowly and chew food thoroughly.
Eat partially and frequently.
Proper breakfast helps to avoid overeating.
The pressure is not "captured"
Eat buns and work again ...

 You don't like buckwheat, for example, you don't need to force yourself into the stomach, convincing yourself of its use. You will not be satisfied with eating, the mood will decrease, and the feeling of mental hunger will increase. Like a high-calorie diet? Yes, eat healthy. But in large quantities, and the right side dish, contains fiber, for example, or have a laxative effect. Well, in the form of sauces, do not use mayonnaise, but limit yourself to some light low-calorie sauce, which recipe can easily be found on the Internet.

Try to eat slowly and chew food thoroughly. 

Scientists have discovered that the saturation signal enters the brain at least twenty minutes later. In the meantime, if you are in a hurry, you can eat large amounts, without which you will not be able to do it easily, and this will increase the fat reserves on your waist. Also, a properly crushed diet stays in the digestive tract until complete breakdown. At the same time food pulp begins to ferment, developing pathogenic microflora. Microbial wastes are, in other words, absorbed along with toxins and nutrients, with no benefit to the body. And the amount of time spent on food mass in the gastrointestinal tract contributes to weight gain. After all, timely withdrawal surplus cannot be consumed.

Eat partially and frequently.

 Smaller portions are more convenient for digestion. Because you eat in different and smaller portions, the feeling of hunger is not serious. This will help prevent overeating in the evening. Therefore, overuse consumed calories do not regain body fat.

Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries - the enemy of harmony. Take it with a pear or apple, and if you want a snack on the way, eat it well. A bakery, pastry or pastry visit will counteract all your efforts to lose weight. It is best to eat tea or coffee, soda, awake appetite, mineral water and natural vegetable and fruit juices instead.

Major components of the diet should be foods with high content of fiber. Fiber can be digested for a long time, giving the body a long lasting feeling, cleansing the body of toxins. In addition, there are almost no calories in its pure form. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, bran - are your assistants to a thin person.

Want a chocolate bar? Buy a bitter chocolate bar and eat a slice. Bitter chocolate is good and stimulating. Need yogurt? Any sweet fruit with a fat-free kefir and a mixer into a full-fledged analog of a sweet dessert, only to be one of the more immeasurably more useful.

Proper breakfast helps to avoid overeating.

Create a situation where food is available slowly. There should be no suitable products for instant high-calorie snacks in the refrigerator and kitchen. These include sausage, pastry, fast food, and smoked meats. Better if their place takes ryazhenka, kefir, fruit. If you make a snack with an apple before warming the soup, or make a second with a side dish, you will surely eat less, which will have the most positive effect on your image later.
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tips for loss weight

Build routes around the city so that the inviting signs of fast food industry companies don't come across on your way. It helps to avoid the temptation to eat high calorie, preservatives and chemical additives stuffed with bicycles. The result - a slim figure and a healthy gastrointestinal tract. Not too low, if judged.

The pressure is not "captured"

Challenge the habit of offensive stressors. Relief lasts a minute, and then it will be very difficult to lose the extra pounds. However, you can’t take it and command yourself: “Don’t worry!”. After all, the people we live with are our worries, our problems, our grief.

  To cope with stress, when you are calm, you can adapt to stressful situations that prioritize in your mind and act accordingly. Conflict at work? It’s unpleasant, but it’s life. No one has ever received criticism in his life. Consider this situation with understanding and humor. Maybe your opponent has more problems than you ... break up with your loved ones? So you do not live on a desert island, and the future will surely show that the best relationship awaits you ahead. It is impossible to lose a loved one or death. All other conditions are secondary and solvable.

There is great emphasis on interior color in the dining room. Red, purple and orange tones stimulate the nervous system, resulting in increased appetite. Blue, pastel and light green are good in this regard.

To deceive your body visually, it is advisable to place a piece on a small plate. In smaller sized dishes, the portion is more complex and when a person sees it, there is not enough food. In this direction, psychologists conducted an interesting experiment. Two tiles of different sizes were selected for the same person. The amount of food on these plates is exactly the same. The subject has chosen a small tile. He was asked to explain the reason for the choice, and he prompted his choice by saying there was too much food on the plate. After a while, he again gave the two plates, but not the larger ones, which they had chosen. Shortly after, the subject reported that he was already hungry because he was fed less than before. Our brain creates the illusion of scarcity and deceives us.

  It is recommended to use a small spoon even while eating. This measure allows you to extend the time that food enters the digestive system, which can get you a small amount of food.

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   Three enemies of harmony


You, of course, are not easy at the early stage. After all, you literally need to rebuild the entire existing electrical system. Remember, working on you starts with the motivation to change for the best and then clear, steady move on the intended target. Change your eating habits and respond to your body with a better change.

How to "Calculate Calorie Content of Products?", "How to remove fat from the stomach?", "Where to do cellulite anti-massage?", In the first places, if you have given priority to women's questions that are usually in the search engine window. Women do not deny that they are not interested in effective ways to lose weight, but at the outset, many choose to supplement their diet. Must take a look at ...

As a child, she was a teacher at the first school, then the faculty at the institution, and then the stern authorities, telling us about the benefits of knowledge. And nobody says a word that affects the desire for buns and waist harmony in the most unbelievable way.

Oh, my childhood workers and farmers are tattoos and muscles in books, and bankers, stock brokers, industrialists and manufacturers have been filmed with a piece of cake on their hands, plump and chubby. After many years, scientists have discovered that intellectual work really does make people better.

Eat buns and work again ...

We use a record of chocolate bars in the session, double serving pizza, duty reports, cheesecakes and cola to work with the time to spend a huge working day with kupukono ... the magic storms of cheesebugs and the way we used it.

Despite all this mess responsibility - who would have thought! - Accurate knowledge. More precisely, their outcome is intellectual work and mental activity. Canadian researchers have decided to determine the number of additional desserts ordered by knowledge workers. After all, most of them sit quietly at computers, do not spare the high forehead angry and do any special energy.

Where does this passion for her recovery come from? And soybean sprouts, but more harmful and high-calorie foods. It increases food intake by 203 calories each intellectual task! What if there are many such things every day? "Perhaps, in this way, our body is trying to restore the glucose - fuel waste reserves for the brain," say experts.

Designing techniques for diets, weight loss, advertising fitness centers and gyms that promote a healthy lifestyle .. The media is full of a wide variety of options, and moreover, it is effective. Many of us are excited about trying new ways and ways to lose weight. The weight leaves, but not for long, and in the slightest relaxation, the extra pounds of hating come back, and not alone, but with taking some friends along the way. What is the matter? Loads and like enough, and notice the food .. well, think about it, both times broke .. but you always catch up ..

July 10, 2019

Healthy food: benefit to eating leachi, tulshi , milk and tulshi healthy drinks

Healthy food: benefit to eating leachi, tulshi , milk and tulshi  healthy drinks

  • There are many benefits to eating lechi, but do you know the damage done by it?
  • Tulsi petals in milk -
  • Do you have milk mixed with milk?

benefits of healthy food essay, 10 benefits of eating healthy food, 20 benefits of healthy eating, importance of eating healthy food, disadvantages of healthy food, benefits of healthy food wikipedia, benefits of a healthy lifestyle, what are 5 benefits of healthy eating?
healthy food

There are many benefits to eating lechi, but do you know the damage done by it?

Along with Lechi, there are also discussions due to encephalitis disease, which has resulted in the death of 67 children till now and is being considered responsible for it. Are you also thinking that you should eat lechi or not? Lechi has a good amount of water. It is also a good source of vitamin C, potassium and natural sugar. Even if some caution is not kept at the time of eating, then eating lechi can also cause damage. Before you eat lechi, you also know its advantages and disadvantages.

Vitamins in Lechi are essential for the formation and digestion of red and blood cells. Because of this it helps to store beta carotene in body parts. Follet helps in controlling cholesterol levels in our body. The small leaf contains nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin A and B complex, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and also called Litchi's Health Treasures.

Lechi is also a good antioxidant. It also helps to maintain the immune system. Not only this, but Liichi also looks after our health along with our health. It also contains good fiber, which helps in reducing fat. The fiber in it helps in preventing internal body problems.

Benefits of eating this leaflet, but if you are suffering from diabetes, you should stay away from the litchi, because of leecha, blad sugar levels can become unbalanced in the body.

Tulsi leaves in milk can be found from these five diseases by getting rid of big relief!

Drinking Tulsi leaves in milk is considered to be very beneficial for health, because children, elderly and old people in our countries also use everyday milk.

If drinking milk alone is also beneficial, but if some of the deficiencies in the milk are mixed together, then its benefits are doubled.

In this link, we are telling you today that drinking milk together in the Talismanic leaves by getting the natural medicinal properties is beneficial in the diseases.

Tulsi petals in milk -

1- Relief from viral flu

Due to changing weather, the body makes the body more lighter than the viral flu. For example, a person suffering from viral fluid should add the Tulsi petals, long and black pepper to the milk, then it should be cooled and drunk.

Drinking hot and dry stomach milk in the early morning provides more comfort in the viral flu. Apart from this, the Talismanic Tiger also increases the milk-resistant capacity.

2- Relief from migraine

It is often a pain in your mind to walk with the problem of Mugran, but it is considered to be an exercise therapy for Tulsi leaf-rich milk.

If you had a problem with a mugger, then start drinking just a few hours a day and drink a lighter milk. Tulsi Well This milk fixes the common pain of migraine and headache.

3- Keeps the heart high

Tulsi tiger is also considered to be very beneficial for the milk brain. If your home is suffering from heart disease, then combine the milk with Tulsi leaves in milk and freeze it. This milk is very beneficial for heart patients.

4- Relief from stone problem

If you have a stone problem and you get relaxation, you do not have any other operation and if you do not have any other way, then after a week, spray a glass of milk together with a basil leaves of milk.

With this remedy, your kidney stone gets flushed in a few areas and without any operation you get rid of the problem of fertilization.

5- A helper to fight against cancer

All Vitimins and Tropic minerals are found, except Vitamin C in the milk. When Tulsi leaves have antibiotic properties that are capable of diseases like cancer.

Heat lotus leaves in milk provides relief from night and evening regular, pay-paced cancer patients. Tulsi Tiger is very useful in fighting against milk cancer.

Drinking together with Tulsi leaves in milk can be freed from these diseases.

Besides these five diseases are considered to be very efficient in Tulsi-leaved milk, this special milk also increases our immune system's immunity, which helps in removing diseases from removing us.

Do you have milk mixed with milk?

Photo of Milk Near Almonds, benefits of healthy food essay, 10 benefits of eating healthy food, 20 benefits of healthy eating, importance of eating healthy food, disadvantages of healthy food, benefits of healthy food wikipedia, benefits of a healthy lifestyle, what are 5 benefits of healthy eating?
The elderly believe that there is no more nutritious food than milk for proper development of children. Perhaps this is the reason why parents often give a glass of milk to their children even after the children's cry or all the arguments or excuses are made. It is true that milk has all the benefits that can be very beneficial for proper development of children's body.

But often adulterated milk can make the children's health worse. Better than that, before you drink milk, check with these methods that you do not drink adulterated milk.

Identification of whether starch in milk is:

To know the level of starch in the milk, take 2-3ml milk samples and mix 2-3 drops of iodine tincture in it. If the milk is light blue, then it means starch is mixed.

Identify the soap in milk as if it is confused ...

Take 5 to 10 ml of milk to check the quality of milk and mix the water in the same way as milk. If there is a contamination of soap in the milk, a higher foam will appear in it. But if there is no contamination in milk then there will be less foam in the milk.

People's immune system is decreasing!

In the 21st Century world, Medical Sciences is now trying to get rid of space from the abyss for the treatment of new medicines for treatment and treatment of death. Sciences have been very successful in raising the average age of humans by controlling child mortality.

As soon as Yamdev has given cancer a chance to compensate for accounting for life and death, there is a growing increase in the number of cancer patients in the world, according to the latest survey. 1.5 million people will need chemotherapy treatment every year by 2040. Generally, the need for at least one million doctors will be needed to treat the growing cancer patients in the middle and low-income countries.

In this first report, chemotherapy has been found to be the cause of genetics. This research was done by Sidney's University of New South Wales Inglham Institute of Applied Medical Research, King Hon Cancer Center, Liver Pull Cancer Therapy Center and International Agency for Research on Cancer Leone.

Researcher Book Wilson said that currently undergoing treatment for cancer patients is being handled by the treatments. Cancer doctors, nurses and chemotherapy will be needed in the future. By 2040, 1.5 million people in the world will need chemotherapy. In 2018, the world still needs 65,000 cancer doctors.

Which will be up to 1 lakh by 2040 and by 2040 1.5 million people will need chemotherapy, which will live in very low and middle income countries. 75% of the total cancer patients will be from poor countries. Michelle Burton has noted that cancer patients are increased in poor countries. Population increase and the variety of cancer types and conditions will increase the need of chemotherapy.

Cancer treatments can be found if Michelle Burton suggests early cancer treatment symptoms at the earliest. Details of effective treatment of chemotherapy have been given. Cancer patients are growing in moderate and poorer countries in East Africa, Central Africa, West Africa and West Asia. Three kinds of lungs, rheumatism and intestinal cancer are increasing.

July 10, 2019

how to save environment for in ours life without simple day to day life trike?

how to save environment for in real life without simple day to day life trike? 

save environment speech, save environment wikipedia, save environment slogans, save environment drawing, how to save environment from pollution, save environment essay 100 words, save environment poster, save environment quotes
save environment

1.Saving money while drinking: the bottle is always there

Also on the way we want to drink a sip of water or a wake-up coffee. Just pack a refillable bottle or a thermo mug that you can fill with tap water or coffee on the way. This little extra handle to your own bottle requires a little rethinking, but as with many things, there will quickly be routine and you will not go out of the house without a bottle or mug.

Incidentally, bringing your own drinking container is a real win-win situation, because you not only avoid packaging waste through plastic bottles or coffee-to-go cups, but also save a few cents at many coffee shops if you have coffee in your own Fill cup.

2. Saving Tip: Never go shopping without a fabric bag

The good old jute bag is no longer a figurehead of the first eco-generation, but has become a popular hipster accessory. You probably also have more than one tote bag at home - just leave it at work, in the car or under the bicycle seat and at home near the key. So you'll never forget it when shopping and you do not need to buy a plastic bag.

By the way, small cloth bags (eg nature bag **) are also suitable for wrapping bread and rolls at the bakery. Thus, you also avoid baker's bags that end up in the trash after much too short use.

3. Alternative to plastic save environmental costs

Our seas have become huge garbage dumps - they float in plastic, which does not decompose, but only crushes and ends up in the stomachs of the sea creatures and later on our plate.

When shopping, we can consciously choose how much plastic and packaging we buy. For example, choose yoghurt, ketchup and mustard in the jar instead of the plastic wrap. If possible, go shopping at the weekly market or in unpacked shops. Even in the drugstore, there is often the choice between plastic and glass packaging. As a consumer, you are an important factor in product design in the industry with your purchasing decisions. So did e.g. The change from light bulb to LED bulb for consumers and the environment alike sense.

4. Deactivated standby mode saves power and money

This trick is almost an old hat, but in many homes still louder little red lights shine through the night. TV, DVD player or music system: Devices in standby mode consume electricity around the clock and thus contribute to about a tenth of the electricity bill. Who carefully makes all the red lights, which can save up to 120 euros a year.

5. Wash colder - and save money

Cold laundry = dirty laundry? That's not right: Because at 30 ° C, almost every wash is clean, just try it out. For heavily soiled laundry 60 ° C, temperatures above are usually unnecessary waste of energy. Prevent stubborn stains by hand instead of heating up the whole wash cycle. So you wash laundry sustainable.

Let's stay with the cold water and save energy: with cold water and soap, you clean your hands just as well as with warm water - and also save money. If you wash your hands five times a day and use four liters of cold rather than warm water, you can save up to € 75 a year in a three-person household.

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6. Onion look instead of expensive sauna landscape

In autumn and winter we heat our apartments to have it cozy in the cold and gray seasons. One degree more or less often makes a big difference, because every room temperature in the room not only increases the cost of heating, but also consumes energy and causes a lot of CO2. The Federal Environment Agency therefore recommends 20 ° C for the living area, 18 ° C for the kitchen and 17 ° C for the bedroom.

So put on some heavy socks and warm yourself on the couch with a cozy blanket (or a partner), instead of turning the apartment into a sauna.

7. Borrow instead of buying new

If it is a new dress for a wedding or party, ask friends to see if they have something suitable for you. Because hand on heart: Many noble parts in the wardrobe are very rarely worn at all. Anyone borrowing clothes from each other often has new clothes - without spending any money.

Many household items and tools are also rarely in use and you can borrow them from friends - or borrow in one of the Germany-wide Leyhläden. In addition, there are numerous rental and exchange websites, apps and car-sharing platforms that make temporary ownership possible.

8. Avoid chemical cleaners

In many households there are a lot of different cleaning agents - one for every corner in the house. Aggressive chemical cleaners can be replaced inexpensively and environmentally friendly with simple home remedies such as vinegar, citric acid, soda and soda.

Essig or Essigessenz and citric acid are particularly suitable for decalcifying, but also for example all-purpose cleaner, softener and toilet cleaner you can make it. Soda can be used as a cleaning, rinsing and laundry detergent, it removes stains and cleans clogged drains. Dish soap, dry cleaners, oven cleaners, joint cleaners and much more can be replaced with soda.

9. Repair Cafés instead of buying new ones

The DVD player is broken? The vacuum cleaner does not want more? From the trash can and bought something new - it happens more often than that things are repaired. In Repair Cafés help seekers and technically and artisans gifted get together and repair broken irons, lampshades and wool sweaters. Because often only minor things are broken that could easily be repaired or replaced.

Look around, in many big cities there are several repair cafés - there are hundreds of such free repair shops in Germany.

10. Be open and inspire others

No one is born as an environmentalist and you can learn everyday. It is important that you stay open to new suggestions, food for thought and alternatives. Ultimately, such "green tips" not only protect the environment, but also change your own thinking about consumption habits, disposable mentality, the value of objects and wastefulness.

Inspire other people to make their everyday life greener and more sustainable without lecturing. Spending an afternoon together in the Repair Café or organizing a dress exchange party - living sustainably can be really fun.

7 Tips on how to save energy and protect the environment

 1: Reduce household power consumption
 2: Switching to renewable energies
 3: Smart lighting
 4: Correct heating
 5: Avoid garbage
 6: Short bike rides
 7: Regional and seasonal food

1: Reduce household power consumption

Careful use of water can save energy: take a shower instead of a bath and turn the faucet on only when you need it. Because unnecessary water consumption pollutes the environment, just like your wallet.
The next time you wash, it's best to let your laundry dry in the air, which will also create a pleasant indoor climate in the summer. Even electrical appliances are true power guzzlers: devices in stand-by mode should be switched off completely.

 2: Switching to renewable energies

By switching to green electricity, you can save the environment and make an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. Because: Electricity from 100% hydropower is a renewable resource and can be used again and again for power generation. The water remains clean and flows at any time of the day, which also ensures a high supply security. Electricity from photovoltaic systems or wind power plants are also environmentally friendly alternatives.

 3: Smart lighting

Energy saving lamps have a 10 to 20 times longer life compared to incandescent bulbs. Since they do not heat up and are filled with electrically conductive gas, they consume about 80 percent less energy. LED bulbs cut even better: they consume even less power and have a longer life (about 25,000 hours). With a smart-controlled lighting you can save additional energy - so the lamps can be regulated depending on the daylight.
 Save energy when heating

4: Correct heating

Much of the energy demand can be attributed to heating. When building a house, you should therefore pay attention to the correct insulation and insulation of the windows.
Proper ventilation can also reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. Repeated air venting promotes efficient air exchange, while proven "tilting" cools walls and furniture to promote mildew.

With Smart Home solutions, the room temperature can be optimally regulated. If the room temperature is lowered by 1 degree, there is already an energy saving of 6%. We will tell you in the following article how you can further reduce your heating costs.

 5: Avoid garbage

Waste can not be completely avoided, of course, but with a few tricks it can be reduced. Avoid plastic packaging as much as possible. In some cities there is already the possibility to buy packaging-free. Bring your own containers and fill pasta, legumes, sweets or liquids like oil or detergent directly. Disposable products such as cups, cutlery, straws and plastic bottles also cause considerable damage to the environment. Stainless steel bottles are a good alternative. They are more environmentally friendly and partly equipped with a thermo function: In summer, the drinks stay cool and warm in winter.

Clothing and other items should be used as long as possible and repaired if necessary. Not only the production, but also the transport and the disposal consume energy. Because synthetic and mixed fibers can not be properly recycled and so creates more waste.

 6: Short bike rides

Also on the way you have the possibility to save energy. If you live in the city, you can take public transport. Not only is this more relaxed than driving, it also protects the environment. Especially in big cities, the public connection is usually very good and you get to your destination faster. If it has to be the car, Car-Sharing helps: In this way you also save on acquisition and maintenance costs.

Short distances can be covered by bike or on foot. Especially on land, an e-bike can be helpful - so longer distances can be covered and it is not so easy to sweat. In many cities there is also the possibility to rent e-scooters. The time in the fresh air can also be very invigorating for body & mind.

You want to know how you can save even more energy while traveling?

More energy saving tips when traveling

 7: Regional and seasonal food

When shopping, you should make sure that your products come from the region. The flow of fruit and vegetables consumes on average 48 times more fuel than regional products. There are a lot of weekly markets throughout Austria where you can support local farmers and shop seasonally. If you do not have a market nearby, there is also the possibility to order seasonal vegetables and fruit boxes directly to your home.

July 10, 2019

What should be the right dinner menu, Proper Nutrition for Dinner?

What should be the right dinner menu. Proper Nutrition for Dinner 

  • See 20 Options for the Right Protein Dinner:
  • Bon hunger and healthy dinner!
  • Rules for planning dinner
  • What to eat for dinner with proper nutrition
  • Proper nutrition for dinner corresponding menu
Photo Of A Toast, dinner menu indian, dinner menu veg, dinner menus for families, dinner menu veg indian, olive garden dinner menu, olive garden menu, dinner menu ideas, seasons 52 dinner menu,
healthy dinner 

(Dinner PP)
Every competent nutritionist will say that to lose weight and to fit, you must eat 5 times a day and firmly observe the balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

If breakfast and lunch are more understandable and varied, then dinner sometimes leads to a dead end. Let's see what is the best to eat in the evening.

You will be surprised, but this is not a vegetable salad and neither apples nor khefir. The most true and reliable option for dinner is protein. And it's also not so important what kind of it will be. The fact is that by the end of the day, we do not need the energy given by carbohydrates and at night, when the body relaxes, the muscles are resumed. For the proper operation of this process, your body needs building materials - this is a protein.

For this reason, vegetable salad dinners can only be relatively true. Yes, he has fewer calories, but vegetables are carbohydrates, although slow, we need such fiber. This is a great meal, but, alas, not dinner. Of course, salad for dinner is a good idea. But it must be a protein component and, best, the main ingredient.

See 20 Options for the Right Protein Dinner:

A simple omelette made from a combination of egg whites and milk, a few fresh tomatoes, or any frozen vegetables, such as green beans.
Roasted chicken fillet, pre-pickled lemon juice with spices, with a salad of any vegetables.
Other brewed fish with caddy, salmon or side dish of vegetables.
Rabbit meat roasted in foil in an oven with a tomato salad.
Boiled rice rice with seafood and vegetables
Light soup with chicken, fish and seafood soup. Do not mix in a light soup designed for dinner, potatoes, meat and grains.
Baked chicken fillet with spices with spices.
Cottage cheese with cinnamon 150 grams
150 g cottage cheese with herbs and garlic.
Fish or chicken cutlet fired in the oven.
2 cottage cheese omelet and 100 grams of cottage cheese from proteins. You can add green beans, herbs and spices.
Vegetables and tuna salads in their own interest.
Boiled popcorn and boiled beans for decoration.
Chilli from lean ground beef and red beans.
Crispy veal with vegetable sauce.
The turkey belt, fired in foil, and fresh herbs and cucumber side dish.
Salad from a mixture of lettuce leaves and mozzarella cheese
Salad with chicken breast and celery.
Sea bay fired on vegetable cushion.
Chicken skewers in ginger-lemon marinade

As you can see, you can have dinner very tasty and diverse.

Bon hunger and healthy dinner!

Nutritionists argue that eating in the evening is not just for those who see their figure. Evening foods have adverse effects on the function of human organs. Unfortunately, the body is not able to adjust the body in body rhythm.

Everyone has a site that controls the body's physical processes - hypothalamus. It is associated with the functions of the endocrine gland system (pituitary), which is responsible for the functioning of the body and its endocrine system, as well as regulate the body condition of the limbs and the person.

Man does not have the ability to change his body's biological composition. It can not control body respiration, heart rate, intestines and abdominal function. For the body to always be healthy, it is necessary to create nutrition properly for the whole day.

At night, all the organs and cells in the body are restored. Accumulated stress, food, which fills the stomach throughout the day, does not interfere with comfort now. Therefore, before going to bed you do not have to eat high-calorie foods so that the whole body can not be completely disrupted. All night snacks reflect the development of melatonin. Despite fatigue, a person becomes nervous, upset, unable to sleep quietly.

Appetite can absorb accumulated fat in the body. Experiments conducted by athletes show that if you do not take food for the night, fat is processed very well, and hunger contributes to the development of muscles and biceps. The habit of eating dinner at night develops obesity, which is very difficult to get rid of in the future. And at the age of 24, its growth is growing. There is no need to use large amounts of carbohydrate in the adult body, because it occurs in childhood and adolescence.

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Rules for planning dinner

The question of time to eat dinner is always there. Those who get up early and afterwards (21.22 hours) rest, the dinner should be 18-00. Night owls can arrange dinner for themselves, 3-4 hours before bedtime. During this time, foods are digested, digested and the stomach will relax during sleep. Products should be in the light, quickly absorbed by the body. If the dinner does not start in time, you can do the main thing in a moderate, after a while. Before sleeping, the production of fermentation milk or yogurt will be sufficient, and the body will not feel hungry. If you can not resist salt, you can replace it with honey (a teaspoon). Place honey in your mouth and dissolve, it is not necessary to swallow immediately. You can drink a glass of water or mint dunk. After honey, a person's appetite disappears. It also helps to improve sleep.

What to eat for dinner with proper nutrition

Food for dinner, around 20% of all food consumed throughout the day. His caloric content should not exceed 300, 400 c / s. The dinner contains proteins that contain proteins and vegetables. Foods with proteins are 2 times less than vegetable ingredients. Vegetables must be divided into two parts. One part heat treatment can be done: boil in an oven or stew in the oven. The second group is used for raw vegetable salad.

The amount of food you should have for dinner should be fit in the palm of your hand (fingers are not counted). The proportion is one to two. One palm - protein in food, two palm - vegetables. Foods that contain large amounts of protein: fish, all types of grapes, eggs, chicken, yogurt products, cheese, mushrooms. Protein products will be cooked from blossom or broccoli, pumpkin, zucin, celery, tomato, cucumber, avocado.

Do not eat potatoes, pasta, porridge during dinner. Nutritionists recommend that dinner is kept without fried foods, dumpling, reavioli, desserts, baked foods. Dinner from these foods will increase the load on the internal organs (liver, stomach, pancreas), which is not very desirable. During sleep, glucose has not been processed, which means it will be deposited in fat. Before bedtime, the feeling of hunger can be glass with apples, caffeine spices or spices: ginger, coriander, cardamom, black pepper. They increase the metabolism pace in the body.

Proper nutrition for dinner corresponding menu

The right dinner should be properly communicated, thinking and creating the menu is essential.

It should look like this:

Monday: Fish, fired in the oven + Flowers or broccoli salad, equipped with sunflower oil (150 grams of product - 20 grams.)
Tuesday: Chicken fillet + Vegetables (100 grams of yield - 150 grams.)
Wednesday: seafood + vegetables (output 100 g - 150g.)
Thursday: Vegetable, boiled or stewed + boiled poultry meat (150 grams of yield - 100g.)
Friday: Omele + Vegetables (200 gms of yield.)
Saturday: cottage cheese casserole (output 150 g.)
For a female, one part of the dinner is 250 grams, and for a strong half - 100 grams. The ratio of more cooked nights should be: Protein + Vegetables. For men - 100 grams. Squirrel + 250g Vegetable for women - 70 grams Squirrel + 180 grams. Vegetable calories are prescribed by food intake (about 250/350 kilocalories). Nutritionists advise to avoid fat sour, butter, spicy cats, during dinner. This diet makes it difficult to digest proteins.

At the end of the dinner, it is better to spend less time in traffic: walking, housekeeping. This will ensure better sleep, and a beautiful shape.

How to make dinner is not only delicious but also useful? Let's find out.

Probably every one of us at least once in life, but asked the question: "What to cook for dinner" Of course, there are a wide variety of cooking options, but how can you choose from all of these really worthwhile? How to make dinner is not tasty, but also useful? Let's find out.

All you need to know about "right" dinner
"Right" dinner time.

According to the rule, dinner is a meal that serves in the evening. When should dinner be started so that it does not harm health and does not add "extra" pounds? Of course, we all had dinner from 19.00 to 20.00 on work or from school, at dinner, at dinner. But experts say that bedtime should be eaten three hours in advance. So, if you go to sleep at 22.00 - 23.00 in the evening, this option is the best thing to eat. Otherwise, for example, if you've been late for work, it's better to take hearty dinner and just take a snack.

Which recipes should have a "right" dinner.

So, what are the dishes from the right dinner? Maybe you could say, from the meat. What's fairly true. As a rule, what to do for dinner, you do not need to think too much. Any dish served for dinner should include meat products with side dish. The only exceptions are vegetarians and people who are in the diet. And, what is cooking based on their taste preferences for dinner people?

Dinner for two or guests

What to do for dinner depends on each of us. But the number of people who will sit with you in the night is important to consider. It should be understood that if you have two you will make less recipes. If you invite guests, you need to create a menu in advance. Maybe there is a child in your home? After making dinner, it is worthwhile to proceed with its will.