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healthy tips for everyday life for foods, what to eat?

Healthy tips for everyday life for foods, what to eat?

  1. Eat Brown Rice instead of White Rice, Get More Healthy
  2. Honey is very beneficial to maintain body's natural beauty and health.
  3. In the case of tooth clearing
  4. If you eat junk food in the office, be cautious
  5. To get the health of the year in the winter seas

Rice in White Ceramic Bowl, rice

  • Eat Brown Rice instead of White Rice, Get More Healthy

What is Brown Rice?
Generally, the rice we eat in our daily diet is called White Rice, without the refining itself, which is called Brown Rice.

Why is Brown Rice healthy?
The biggest reason for Brown Rison is the levels seen in it. Rice basically consists of three layers - Bran, Germany and Endosperm. Bran and Germany have proteins, fibers and iron. Endoscopy is mostly carbohydrate. But when the rice is refined, both the bran and german levels get out. Thus, only white carbohydrates remain in rice and hence this rice becomes ineffective for health. Brown Rice has these three levels. So it also contains proteins, fibers and other nutrients with carbohydrates, which makes Brown Rice more beneficial than White Rice. Let's learn about the nutrients contained in Brown Rice.

Nutrients in Healthy Brown Rice
If you eat more fiber than the thicker ones than expected - do not worry
Brown rice has more fibers than white rice. The amount of fibers in 100 grams of brown rice is approximately 2 grams, while in white rice, it is less than one gram. Because brown fiber is more fiber, it is satisfied by eating and the stomach is also full of longer time. So obese people can eat Brown Rice without any worry.

A low glycemic index - that is, eating habits for diabetics
The diet, which contains glycemic index and glycemic load, adjusts the level of glucose in the blood and hence there is no harm even if these Brown Rice diabetes patients eat. In brown rice, the glycemic index is much lower than white rice. So it is also suitable for diabetics.

Filled with iron - that's more beneficial for anemic people
Almost 5% of iron is available by eating 100 grams of brown rice per day. But if the same amount of white rice is eaten then we get only 1% iron. It can be estimated that Brown Rice is much more nutritious than White Rice in Iron matter. For these reasons, anemic people are advised to eat brown rice.

Helpful to increase the immune system - ie full of micronutrients
Compared to white rice, brown rice contains various micro-nutrients such as zinc and selenium. These micronutrients are essential for keeping our immune system healthy. This immune system prevents us from becoming infected by many diseases. Both zinc and selenium also have anti-oxidant emoms, which are very essential for the normal functioning of the human body.

Two negative aspects

There are two negative aspects of Brown rice compared to White Rice. One, being tasteless and secondly, its availability is low and relatively costly. White rice gets cooked after cooking while brown rice becomes slightly sticky. This is because there is a problem in using brown rice in risotto or biryani and there is a lot of difference in taste. However, it is better to eat nutritious food than to spend on a doctor's medicine. Which will directly affect your body and make it healthier.

  • Honey is very beneficial to maintain body's natural beauty and health.

Honey has anti-oxidant properties, which work to remove toxins from the body. As we know the benefits of honey, we use it in our daily lives to be healthy. But instead of confusing honey benefits found in the market, health is bad. Therefore, the honey used to stay healthy is pure, that the impure tasting should be done.
Clear Glass Tea Set With Honey,how use honey,honey

A mix of water and vinegar
Put one teaspoon of honey in a glass of water. Then mix two or three drops of vinegar and mix it. After a few minutes, if the mixture gets foam, then understand that this honey is impure.

Testing through toes
Make some honey drops on your toes. If these drops spread and fall down, then understand that the honey is impure. Because pure honey chips on the skin of the thumb and does not spread.

Tasting with water
Take one glass of water and add one teaspoon of honey to it and mix it. If honey does not mix in water then honey is mixed because honey is mixed very easily in water.

Test the honey on the gas

On the opposite side of the mausoleum, where the combustible substance is not, ignite the comb by hitting the honey. If the mice burns easily, it means the honey is pure.

  • In the case of tooth clearing

in the country, the number of people who carelessly maintain negligence has been found to be around 4 to 5 percent. Those who do not use tobacco in any form, they are at risk of developing mouth cancer or tongue cancer. Due to not getting proper sanitation among these people's broken teeth, there is a risk of oral cancer. There may be cancer of the tongue due to persistent inflammation of the mouth or a toxic tooth in the mouth.

. Following the risk of developing these cancers can be prevented.

Do not use tobacco.
Drink a limited amount of alcohol.
Do not stay in the sun for a long time. Apply 30 or more Sun Protection Factor (SPF) lip balm before going to the sun.
Avoid eating or consuming junk and processed foods. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Try to eat short acting nicotine replacement therapy such as drinks, nicotine gum etc.
Identify everything that stimulates you to smoke. Plan to avoid or oppose it.
Instead of tobacco, sprinkle sugar gums, hard candies, raw carrots, nuts, nuts or sunflower seeds.

Stay active. To continue physical activity, frequently climb up the stairs. This will reduce the strong desire to eat tobacco.

  • If you eat junk food in the office, be cautious

 because eating junk foods can lead to many diseases. A recent study claims that eating junk or unhygienic food during work in the office can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart related diseases.

Fries and Burger on Plate,junk food
junk food
While working in an office, often minds eating something in between. At that time, we eat unhygienic foods and junk foods such as chips, sandwiches, burgers, or even pizza. The result of which comes skip due to lack of appetite in lunch or dinner. This habit becomes gradually and then it becomes habitual to eat regular junk food. But this is not right for health.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, due to the habit of eating junk food in the office, lifestyle diseases are all home to home. For this study, scientists selected 600 employees of an American hospital, who regularly used the canteen of the hospital. These employees ate the regular junk food from the canteen of the hospital during work. After observing, it was found that people who used to eat junk food and unhygienic food from canteen were found to have the highest proportion of obesity. Not only this, these employees were more at risk of diabetes and heart related diseases than those who were eating healthy food.

The results of this study are easily understood that healthy dietary habits affect the workplace on health. It is therefore necessary to build a wellness program on the workplace that focuses on the health of the employees and the proper diet. Harvard University professor Jessica L. According to McLealy, the workplace wellness program can improve people's lifestyle. However, making such a program is very challenging. But hopefully we will be working in this direction keeping our results in mind. '

  • To get the health of the year in the winter season,

municipal exercises, health habits, vegetable juice, sports, and sports are being mixed. In which morning, or by the evening, healthy people are allowed to live healthy
Winter is an excellent bracing drink to keep the body healthy, and this drink is available until the winter ends from November. Everyday winters in Bhavnagar are found to be drunk. Nero is sold from November to February in Bhavnagar. At the start of the winter cooling season, 300-500 liters of healthy are being sold daily in Bhavnagar city.
Bhavnagar is brought from Junagadh to Nero every day in the city. In the early morning morning mornings or in the evening, newlyweds do not know that the glasses of Nero disappear in a minute, there is a large process behind it. healthy is prepared from the date of Treasure and in the morning it is packed at the top of the tree, Nero is sold after taking this dinner at night.
Many advantages of drinking a box heading Nero
Iron deficiency leads to increased iron deficiency. In addition to this, the phosphatum also provides nutrition to the nervous system as well as the nourishment of the bones. Vitamin B in Nero keeps the body muscles as well as digestive system. Acne is eliminated by the use of Nero, it is beneficial to treat dental diseases and also in stone.
(Quote Box Heading). Discretion in Many Diseases Exemption
Nero is considered as a hot nature. Therefore, those who have a warm temper, who have bile nature, should not use Nero. Hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, ACDT vs. Patients with similar diseases like hemoglobin should also be avoided. But those who are physically inadequate, they have a lot of benefits in the body, which lacks chronic health. Nero has phosphorus, iron ore, and sorghum. Hence its use gives relief from many diseases like anorexia, physical weakness, lack of lukewarm, ophthalmic disease, and sexual disorder. Nero is an acronym for placenta, urine, kidney stones, kidney stones and kidney diseases.

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