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save environment: importance of preserving of environment,how we save it?

Protect the environment from pollution

1 Preservation of the environment
2 The importance of preserving the environment
3 Causes of environmental pollution
4 How to preserve the environment
5.Environmental protection tips 
6.Expression of environmental protection from pollution
7. Check all appliances
8. Some important points
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save environment 

       1.       Preservation of the environment

      The environment is one of the most important blessings of God Almighty on man. It includes water, air, soil, light and others. Human beings must take care and care about them so that they can live in a clean and healthy environment. The environment is exposed in many areas to pollution, Nature is not natural and makes it unfit for living. In this article, we will talk about the importance of preserving the environment and the causes of pollution, as well as a number of environmental conservation tips.

       2.       The importance of preserving the environment

      The preservation of the environment is very important because it is a religious duty where the Islamic religion in particular is urged to be clean because it is a believer. The believer is a clean person who tends to clean up through ablution and maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness of his home and environment. Prevention of various diseases that can affect humans. Living in a clean, comfortable and healthy atmosphere. Psychological comfort and the ability to enjoy life and its components and elements. Preserving the environment is important because it is a national duty that means the individual's belonging to his country and his desire to see it in the most beautiful pictures and father.


       3.       Causes of environmental pollution

      Technological progress. Dumping of garbage and waste in the seas and oceans. Fire in forests or areas rich in trees and plantations. Construction of factories and their waste near populated areas. High and growing population density. Urbanization leading to the problem of desertification. Oil leaks into the oceans leading to the elimination of diverse and diverse marine organisms.
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       4.       How to preserve the environment

       Increase the afforestation process and increase the green areas. Moderation in the use of pesticides and agricultural fertilizers. Recycling empty plastic cans that do not degrade naturally in nature. Minimize the use of cosmetics as capsaicos and spray that will lead to the expansion of the ozone hole more. Do not throw industrial waste into the sea because this leads to the loss of fish wealth. To raise awareness about the importance of the environment and to preserve it and to live normally and safely by adhering to the laws of the environment. This role rests with the state, the media and others. Minimize smoking. Construction of cesspits away from homes and artesian wells to avoid contamination of water with harmful substances. Building factories away from residential areas. Minimize the use of foams to prevent noise pollution. Moderation in water and electricity consumption and the search for alternative sources of energy. Repairing car breakdowns in such a way that prevents the exhaust from discharging them in a way that harms the environment and pollutes the atmosphere. The establishment of nature reserves that preserve plants and animals, especially the rare ones, from extinction and ending because of the fishing practiced by some people against them.

5.Environmental protection tips

Pollution in the environment around us is one of the greatest threats to people's lives on the surface of the Earth today and throughout human history. If the situation continues, scientists predict that major changes in the Earth's climate could threaten life. Humans. Changes in the environment as a result of pollution can be observed through climate change, the rise of diseases, the emergence of some serious diseases, the extinction of thousands of animals, and human deaths due to lack of clean water or food as a result of pollution. How to preserve the environment Protecting the environment and protecting it from pollution is a responsibility of all people on the planet's surface. The main cause of pollution is the human and the machinery used on a daily basis, and the irresponsible actions it also takes. Some of the customs that we do, such as: Reduce the use of the car as much as possible, there is no need to use the car for short trips you can walk or use the bike for example, and can be several people use the same car to move to the same place; Action For example, instead of each person uses his own car so. Try to move to the use of clean energy little by little instead of fossil fuels. If you buy a new car, consider buying a hybrid or electric vehicle, or try to install a solar water heating system and install solar cells to generate electricity if you can. . Most electric power is currently generated by burning fossil fuels or nuclear energy and other means that emit harmful materials and radiation to the environment and cause pollution.

6.Expression of environmental protection from pollution

Protecting the environment from pollution is one of the most important priorities of countries, communities and individuals because of the direct impact of the environment on our lives. All elements of water, air, animals, plants and even deserts affect human life, health, and life. There are many problems, some of which may be serious, complex and unresolved, so protecting the environment from pollution is the safety valve for a clean and healthy environment, free from any hazards or causes of disease and disasters. Protecting the environment from pollution is one of the things called for by the tolerant Islamic law, and it was approved by the noble Sunnah. The protection of all its sources from depletion and pollution is a matter of obtaining good deeds and great reward. The harm to God's creation without cause causes countless problems, The environment should therefore be considered as part of the things to be protected, and not to throw dirt and contaminants into it. The environment can be protected in several ways, the first is to stop the rise of chemical vapors and gases into the atmosphere, as these gases cause countless environmental problems, such as acid rain, smog and the ozone hole that causes ultraviolet radiation to the Earth. All environmental problems eliminate vegetation, kill animals, damage buildings and buildings, pollute the sea and ocean waters, and cause climate change on the ground, affecting the quality of life. Protecting the environment is also possible in several ways, such as conserving vegetation, stopping tree and forest cutting, preventing desertification, preserving animal and plant biodiversity, stopping overfishing that threatens many animals and reducing reliance on chemicals for machinery operation. Factories, cars and power plants, increasing reliance on renewable energy sources such as water, wind and the sun, stopping wars and man-made disasters, which destroy vegetation and kill animals, and cause air and water pollution. Fortunately, environmental protection has become a priority for all countries of the world. Most countries have enacted a number of strict laws governing the consumption of environmental elements, and some industrialized and other countries have committed to using environmentally friendly machinery to reduce pollution to as little as possible. , And many nature reserves have been established for plants and animals to conserve species and their extinction.

 7. Check all appliances 

electrical appliances and other maintenance fees periodically, and if the purchase of new devices it is important to buy appliances that provide electricity, which works the same efficiency or efficiency often higher, so as to conserve energy and thus preserve the environment. Install the water supply and periodically maintain the water supply to ensure that there is no leakage. It is also important to maintain the sewer lines to ensure that they are not leaking to the soil or to the ground. Buy natural goods and avoid buying harmful products, especially plastic. Try to re-use all the goods you buy, and if it is not possible it is important to throw them in the appropriate places or give them to some factories, associations or factories that are recycling.
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8. Some important points 

Preservation of the environment is all actions taken by public bodies of the state or bodies or independent organizations to reduce the negative impact of man on the environment, as in the direct action to preserve the environment There are studies carried out by research bodies to understand the ecosystem and the full and the planet and determine the effects To the extent of breaching the balance, threatening the next and future generations, and developing corrective measures. These require the development of scientific knowledge that is currently limited in this area.


Conservation of the environment has become important for all living beings on Earth. Where many species are threatened with extinction. They are said to be endangered. There are animals that are hunted for useful parts of her body like fur, but most of them are at risk from loss of habitat. Nature conservation aims at protecting animals and taking care of the Earth's natural resources to ensure the future of all living things

Endangered species

Since the beginning of life on earth, several species have varied due to natural changes in the environment for certain reasons known as the rate of extinction. More recently, human activity has dramatically increased the rate of extinction, but humans are now taking steps to protect vulnerable species.

An endangered species in the wild is said to be an endangered species, and if a species is likely to become extinct soon, it is said to be threatened and in many countries the killing, capture or sale of endangered or threatened animals is illegal. Nowadays.
Natural Reserves

Detailed article: Nature Reserve

To preserve endangered wildlife in the world, some areas have been designated as nature reserves where plants and animals can live safely and allow tourists to visit these reserves. With proper control, tourism does not pose any harm to wildlife, and it can even be an excellent source of funding for poor countries.

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