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Some Useful Beauty Tips To Face Shine,for healthy skin, Natural cosmetics and it's product

  Some Useful Beauty Tips To Face Shine,for  healthy skin, Natural cosmetics and it's product

   o   Some Useful Beauty Tips to Face Shine
   o   Natural beauty tips for dry skin
   o   Natural cosmetics that enhance beauty
   o   What to do for healthy skin?
   o   Beware With These Natural Skin Care Products!

Some Useful Beauty Tips To Face Shine

Antiseptic particles that may be present in the couch will protect us from skin allergies. Paste the cucumber and add a spoon of turmeric powder and apply it as a face mask. Drain and rinse well.

Nutrients in aloe vera helps to keep the skin fresher. Mix cactus gel with cucumber juice and apply it before bed every night. Leave it on for about half an hour. It prevents not only skin damage but also skin wrinkles.

Grind a little paneer and sandalwood with dry rose petals and apply it on the face. Mix milk, seaweed, turmeric, sandalwood and all over your face and make the skin look beautiful and shiny.

Grind together the neem and cucumber first. Grind the oats separately. Add a spoon of turmeric powder and two spoon oatmeal powder to the desired amount of water and mix well. If you scrub it on your face, your face is glowing.

Natural beauty tips for dry skin

People with dry skin may have very dark skin. This is because of their diet. People with dry skin may have constipation. They eat a lot of tart and tomato-like flavors.

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Here are some ways to brighten up people with dry skin ...

Roasting pinch - 2
Carrots - 1

If you take it with the coconut milk and grind it on your face and body for a while, soak it in dry skin.

* If you take equal parts of copper leaf and pomegranate leaves and apply them on the face, the face will shine.

* Grind the coconut milk with coconut milk and soak it in the face and body.

* People with dry skin should avoid foods that have a sour taste. It should be taken care of without constipation.

* It is best to avoid bath soaps that dry the skin.

* Almonds, cashews and peanuts should be included in moderate amounts of legumes.

* Wash the oil twice a week

Natural cosmetics that enhance beauty

Beauty for a woman ... a measure of everything from nature to lover. The attraction and popularity of beauty is not everything in today's modern age. Women are more important in beauty. How can a woman who competes with nature make modern touches of beauty? Pretty much beautiful! Such modern touches have been developed by BeautyBuilders. These beauty parlors, once confined to metro cities, have now expanded to smaller towns. There is an endless craze in the youth and a large amount of beauties to spend. They are also affected by various types of advertising. The use of these synthetic chemicals is not only good for treatments, but there are some skin problems.

Preserving natural beauty has become difficult in the present mechanical life. Yet, the natural cosmetics in our home give us a better aesthetic than the more expensive products available in the market, cosmetics experts say. So if you want to put this into practice, here are some natural beauty tips;

Almond oil: Dry skin can be softened if used. This oil acts as a sanjevi for acne and scars. Almond top is well shaved and a little water is applied to your face daily.

Apple: Apple's beauty secret is also hidden. These green apples juice can help people with skin cracks, skin rashes and itchy skin problems. That problem is far from over before.

Apricarts: Fresh apricots juice that is prone to sunburn and fresh, itchy skin.

Senegapindi: People with acne and skin allergies make a paste with yogurt. Put the paste in where there is a problem. For a good shade, add water or glycerin
Cucumber: Cucumber ointment for blisters, rashes and blisters on the face. Juice and soften. The more soft your skin becomes, the better. Can also be used in conjunction with carrot, lettuce and alpha juice for Betterment.

Drumsticks: Drumstuffs have a good effect by combining the leaves and leaves with lemon and paste into black spots and pimples.

Dill: Make a paste of dill leaves and water. Keep it overnight and rinse with warm water again in the morning. Wrinkles on the face are reduced. Dry skin becomes soft. The best aesthetic effect is seen by boiling the fenugreek well in water and then paste it into the face.

Garlic: For those who have acne, rub the green garlic gently and gently. Problems with chronic acne can be overcome. Regularly treating the scars and pimples can be done. For people with skin problems, swallow the garlic in the rice paste while eating. Clears skin problems from the inside out.

Honey: Mix a little honey with water. Write near the spots on the body. Slick Suma! This will lighten the skin. Mix well with honey, milk and yoghurt starch powder for a gentle skin boost.
Tomatoes: Apply where the pimples are in the red tomatoes. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and then wash your face thoroughly and cleanly.

Turmeric: In pineapple juice, add the turmeric in a paste and gently scrub. The paste is added to the dermal infusions by mixing the wheat flour with turmeric. Wrinkles can be seen to age. If you add turmeric to the paste in a cane, you will find yourself extraction.

Lemon juice: It breaks down skin cracks, pimples and scars. Rinse the face with lemon juice in a tepid heat.
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Mangoes: Heat the mango leaves and gourd skins and reduce the number of skin-related infections

Mint: Works great for the prevention of acne and skin problems when any insect piercing is encountered. Apply mint juice on your face before going to bed. The face looks like Lakshmi. You may want to ask what your beauty secret is.

Vepakkas: Vepakkas take ten nibs, rinse them clean, rub them well with water. The inside of the skin is cleansed. Some people get oral odors. Those who swallow fresh vapor thoroughly, the mouth part is fresh. To be pleasant.

Oatmeal: For people with acne, dry the kamala skins and mix them well with enough water and apply it to your face mask. The severity of acne decreases slowly.

Papaya: Those who are in the habit of drinking fruit juice. Juice mixed with grapefruit juice, leather and nuts, spots, pimples, skin rashes. Reducing the face is good. Soften raw or ripe papaya for face lightening.

Pineapple: It also causes minor problems on the face, like apples. Wipe the juice with a soft towel. Drinking pineapple juice and getting rid of it will help to remove all the scars on the face. Gently rub the center of the pineapple on the face and wrinkle for fifteen minutes. Those who are suffering from fractures, burns and tingling on the face can be relieved by seeking this juice.

Pomegranate: Dry the pomegranate peel first. Then dry and add fresh lemon juice to it. By combining these two types of paste, a lot of problems are solved.

What to do for healthy skin?

1. Removing makeup before bedtime:

Most people have makeup on the skin from morning to night. However, many people leave the makeup unattended before going to bed at night for tiredness or other reasons. Doing so can endanger the skin. Do not forget to rinse makeup before going to bed with a makeup remover. If you don't have a makeup remover, use coconut oil.

2. Care in the Sun:
Taking good care of your skin can make you look great. It is essential to protect your skin in the sun. Spending too much time in the sun can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems. So don't forget to apply sunscreen even if it's always out in the sun.

3. Dietary Care:
Always be careful about the food you eat. Eat fresh fruits, green vegetables, enough protein, and vitamins in your meal. Dietary fatty acids in your diet can help you to have bright skin. Also, spicy and fermented foods are best if you stay away from fried foods. Always give priority to nutritional food.

4. Exercise:
Try to do exercise regularly. Running, jogging, and yoga will keep your blood circulation at bay. Also, exercise is a key factor in cleaning your body. If you can't find time for exercise ... walk as fast as you can. However, don't forget to take care of your skin before and after exercise. Toner must be applied before exercise. After that, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and moisturized.

5. Make sure you have adequate sleep:
Make sure you have adequate sleep each day. If you do not get enough sleep, your skin will also get tired. If you sleep for at least eight hours a day, your skin will look beautiful and fresh without looking tired.

6. Drink water well:
Drink water well every day. Also, fruits and vegetables with high percentage of water should be consumed well. Try to take fruits like watermelon, cucumber and calamari. Applying rose water to your face is less likely to dry out the skin.

To maintain healthy skin, you need to maintain healthy habits. Stay away from stress. It is good to do breathing exercises that reduce stress. Meditation, yoga, etc., are the best ways to brighten your skin.\

Beware With These Natural Skin Care Products!

1. Cinnamon
Cinnamon has antibacterial properties. Because of these properties, cinnamon is often used in acne loss products. However, this cinnamon works terribly on the sensitive skin. Cinnamon, if not used properly or on top of sensitive skin, is at risk of redness and inflammation on the skin.

2. Tea Tree Oil:
Tea tree oil is one of the powerful ingredients for fighting acne. But, it's kinda strangled. That is why, if you have tea tree oil on your skin for too long, there is a risk of side effects. So, within 15 minutes the tea tree oil should be removed from the skin.

3. Fragrances:

Experts say perfumes are the main cause of allergies. Many companies claim to blend natural perfumes. On the other hand some companies also reveal that they do not use perfumes. However, in fact these fragrances are chemical compounds. This is why they can cause severe reactions on the skin.

4. Essential Oils:

Many people say that Essential Oils work great on the skin. Lavender Essential Oil, in particular, works negatively on the skin. This is because of their contents. As such, these oils can irritate the skin, causing pain and inflammation. Also, peel can irritate the skin to a degree that it can swell. Hence, they should never be used without diluting

5. Yellow:

Turmeric is one of the must-have ingredients. Many people say that applying turmeric on the skin makes the skin radiant. This is why many people add yellow to the face packs. Turmeric also increases the chances of tanning on the skin.

6. Lemon
Many people think that lemon juice can make the skin look brighter. This is why many people also use lemon juice in skin care products. But lemon is acidic so it can work against the skin negatively. Therefore, it is advisable not to use Lemon Skin Care products with sensitive skin.

7. Sugar:
Many also think that it is better to use the skin properly to exfoliate the skin. But the sugar granules are huge compared to the natural exfoliate. That is why it is better not to put on fine skin. Especially on the face.

These natural ingredients can irritate the skin. Those with sensitive skin are better off if they get away with it. You should only use ingredients that suit your skin. Other than that it should not be used

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