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Healthy food: benefit to eating leachi, tulshi , milk and tulshi healthy drinks

Healthy food: benefit to eating leachi, tulshi , milk and tulshi  healthy drinks

  • There are many benefits to eating lechi, but do you know the damage done by it?
  • Tulsi petals in milk -
  • Do you have milk mixed with milk?

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healthy food

There are many benefits to eating lechi, but do you know the damage done by it?

Along with Lechi, there are also discussions due to encephalitis disease, which has resulted in the death of 67 children till now and is being considered responsible for it. Are you also thinking that you should eat lechi or not? Lechi has a good amount of water. It is also a good source of vitamin C, potassium and natural sugar. Even if some caution is not kept at the time of eating, then eating lechi can also cause damage. Before you eat lechi, you also know its advantages and disadvantages.

Vitamins in Lechi are essential for the formation and digestion of red and blood cells. Because of this it helps to store beta carotene in body parts. Follet helps in controlling cholesterol levels in our body. The small leaf contains nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin A and B complex, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and also called Litchi's Health Treasures.

Lechi is also a good antioxidant. It also helps to maintain the immune system. Not only this, but Liichi also looks after our health along with our health. It also contains good fiber, which helps in reducing fat. The fiber in it helps in preventing internal body problems.

Benefits of eating this leaflet, but if you are suffering from diabetes, you should stay away from the litchi, because of leecha, blad sugar levels can become unbalanced in the body.

Tulsi leaves in milk can be found from these five diseases by getting rid of big relief!

Drinking Tulsi leaves in milk is considered to be very beneficial for health, because children, elderly and old people in our countries also use everyday milk.

If drinking milk alone is also beneficial, but if some of the deficiencies in the milk are mixed together, then its benefits are doubled.

In this link, we are telling you today that drinking milk together in the Talismanic leaves by getting the natural medicinal properties is beneficial in the diseases.

Tulsi petals in milk -

1- Relief from viral flu

Due to changing weather, the body makes the body more lighter than the viral flu. For example, a person suffering from viral fluid should add the Tulsi petals, long and black pepper to the milk, then it should be cooled and drunk.

Drinking hot and dry stomach milk in the early morning provides more comfort in the viral flu. Apart from this, the Talismanic Tiger also increases the milk-resistant capacity.

2- Relief from migraine

It is often a pain in your mind to walk with the problem of Mugran, but it is considered to be an exercise therapy for Tulsi leaf-rich milk.

If you had a problem with a mugger, then start drinking just a few hours a day and drink a lighter milk. Tulsi Well This milk fixes the common pain of migraine and headache.

3- Keeps the heart high

Tulsi tiger is also considered to be very beneficial for the milk brain. If your home is suffering from heart disease, then combine the milk with Tulsi leaves in milk and freeze it. This milk is very beneficial for heart patients.

4- Relief from stone problem

If you have a stone problem and you get relaxation, you do not have any other operation and if you do not have any other way, then after a week, spray a glass of milk together with a basil leaves of milk.

With this remedy, your kidney stone gets flushed in a few areas and without any operation you get rid of the problem of fertilization.

5- A helper to fight against cancer

All Vitimins and Tropic minerals are found, except Vitamin C in the milk. When Tulsi leaves have antibiotic properties that are capable of diseases like cancer.

Heat lotus leaves in milk provides relief from night and evening regular, pay-paced cancer patients. Tulsi Tiger is very useful in fighting against milk cancer.

Drinking together with Tulsi leaves in milk can be freed from these diseases.

Besides these five diseases are considered to be very efficient in Tulsi-leaved milk, this special milk also increases our immune system's immunity, which helps in removing diseases from removing us.

Do you have milk mixed with milk?

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The elderly believe that there is no more nutritious food than milk for proper development of children. Perhaps this is the reason why parents often give a glass of milk to their children even after the children's cry or all the arguments or excuses are made. It is true that milk has all the benefits that can be very beneficial for proper development of children's body.

But often adulterated milk can make the children's health worse. Better than that, before you drink milk, check with these methods that you do not drink adulterated milk.

Identification of whether starch in milk is:

To know the level of starch in the milk, take 2-3ml milk samples and mix 2-3 drops of iodine tincture in it. If the milk is light blue, then it means starch is mixed.

Identify the soap in milk as if it is confused ...

Take 5 to 10 ml of milk to check the quality of milk and mix the water in the same way as milk. If there is a contamination of soap in the milk, a higher foam will appear in it. But if there is no contamination in milk then there will be less foam in the milk.

People's immune system is decreasing!

In the 21st Century world, Medical Sciences is now trying to get rid of space from the abyss for the treatment of new medicines for treatment and treatment of death. Sciences have been very successful in raising the average age of humans by controlling child mortality.

As soon as Yamdev has given cancer a chance to compensate for accounting for life and death, there is a growing increase in the number of cancer patients in the world, according to the latest survey. 1.5 million people will need chemotherapy treatment every year by 2040. Generally, the need for at least one million doctors will be needed to treat the growing cancer patients in the middle and low-income countries.

In this first report, chemotherapy has been found to be the cause of genetics. This research was done by Sidney's University of New South Wales Inglham Institute of Applied Medical Research, King Hon Cancer Center, Liver Pull Cancer Therapy Center and International Agency for Research on Cancer Leone.

Researcher Book Wilson said that currently undergoing treatment for cancer patients is being handled by the treatments. Cancer doctors, nurses and chemotherapy will be needed in the future. By 2040, 1.5 million people in the world will need chemotherapy. In 2018, the world still needs 65,000 cancer doctors.

Which will be up to 1 lakh by 2040 and by 2040 1.5 million people will need chemotherapy, which will live in very low and middle income countries. 75% of the total cancer patients will be from poor countries. Michelle Burton has noted that cancer patients are increased in poor countries. Population increase and the variety of cancer types and conditions will increase the need of chemotherapy.

Cancer treatments can be found if Michelle Burton suggests early cancer treatment symptoms at the earliest. Details of effective treatment of chemotherapy have been given. Cancer patients are growing in moderate and poorer countries in East Africa, Central Africa, West Africa and West Asia. Three kinds of lungs, rheumatism and intestinal cancer are increasing.

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