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useful tips for health about side effect of soft-drink and sleeping pills, Calcium deficiency and happiness in life.

Useful tips for health about soft-drink, Calcium deficiency and happiness in life. 

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soft drinks 
  • Serious drinks can be dangerous if you are drinking soft drinks, 
  •  Calcium deficiency affects other body organs with bone
  •  Be happy if you want to be happy, because it brings positive thoughts
  • If you take sleeping pills, be alarmed, high blood pressure can be a problem

Serious drinks can be dangerous if you are drinking soft drinks, 

People use liquid things to hide thirst in the summer, in which soft drinks are used most. But soft drinks are bad for your health. According to one research, consumption of more soft or cold drinks can lead to cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. So if you also consume more of a soft drink, be attentive. Free image site visit neetsman

Why is soft drink considered harmless?
Soft drinks contain color chemicals, caffeine, aspartem and extra artificial sweetness. 350 milliliter cold drink contains about 10 tablespoons of sugar, which causes many diseases. Not only this, it contains ingredients, which gradually gives you the habit of drinking these drinks.

Drink a healthy drink instead of a soft drink
To fill the thirst in the summer, one should drink a healthy drink instead of a soft drink. Drink simple water, coconut water, fruit juice, salt, butter or detox drink. Thirst will also be concealed and the body will be healthy too.
These diseases occur with soft drinks

The body needs insulin to digest sugar in soft drinks, which causes pressure on the pancreas. This greatly increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The cause of obesity
In soft drinks, sugar is also very high in 240 milligrams of sugar, with about 240 calories, which causes obesity. If you drink 1 can of a soft drink or cold drink every day, your weight can increase by 14 pounds per year, which is about 6 kg.

The risk of heart attack
According to one study, those who drink soft drinks 2 or more times per week, the risk of heart related illnesses and heart attack is doubled.

Brings the defect to the bones
Bone mineral density also affects the excessive use of soft drinks. The bones break rapidly. Soft drink contains caffeine, which increases the amount of calcium emissions in the body through the urethra. This increases the risk of osteoporosis (weakening the bones).

Tooth loss
Drinking more cold drinks increases the level of acid levels in the body, which also affects the teeth with health. It also increases the risk of toothache, inflammation and tooth decay.

Risky for the kidneys
Cold drink intake is also harmful for kidneys. Cold drink contains acidic liquid and phosphoric acid, which stops the body's system for a few hours. Has an effect on his kidneys. Not only this, it also increases chances of spreading stones and kidneys.

Cancer risk
Chemists and ammonium compounds are made to make soft drinks. These chemicals, amounts of sulfites and sugar, make chemicals that are responsible for liver and cancer. The risk of developing prostate cancer increases by 40% in men drinking soft drinks.

 Calcium deficiency affects other body organs with bone

cataracts can occur at early ages

Calcium deficiency is usually associated with bone. But calcium is not needed only to the bones. If you have a calcium deficiency in your body, it also damages other body parts except the bones.

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About 90% of our body is found in calcium bones and teeth. But calcium is also essential for body cells, especially calcium is essential for our nervous system, blood, muscles and heart. According to a report from the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), people in India usually take very little amount of calcium in the diet.

If there is a deficiency of calcium in the body for a long period, its direct effect falls on the teeth and brain. Its deficiency increases the risk of cataracts and osteoporosis (anemia) at an early age. For this to happen, you should take care of some calcium related issues because at the initial stage, no signs of calcium deficiency occur. Calcium deficiency symptoms increase as health gets worse. The most common symptom of calcium deficiency is body and joint pain.

It reduces bone mineral density and increases the risk of osteoporosis. Which is a serious illness for a long time.

Painful Periods
In a study conducted in 2017, taking 500 milligrams of calcium daily from two months every two months improved women's mood. Previously many studies have found positive effects on calcium intake in periods. Depression, fatigue and hunger have also improved in the people involved in this study.

Tooth Problems
When there is a deficiency of calcium, the body fills this defect with tooth and bone. This causes problems like weak teeth, groin pain and tooth decay.

Skin and Nail Problems
Calcium deficiency can make the skin dry and red and it may get itchy. Calcium defects also make the nails dry and weak and it starts breaking down automatically.

What should be eaten?
Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and sulfur are considered to be the best source of calcium. Due to the daily use of flowers and leaves of Tulsa or Tulsi, calcium deficiency can be done. Dairy products are excellent sources for calcium so purchase of milk and milk products can be consumed.

 Be happy if you want to be happy, because it brings positive thoughts

Researchers from the United States of Tennessee study 50 years old data
The researcher Nicholas claims that the body and brain join each other when the smile is felt, so the emotions are felt

Health Desk: A research has claimed that the relationship to be happy is also laughing. American psychologists studied the data of the past 50 years and found that the expression which appears on the face, the person feels the same. It is induced to do so. According to research conducted in the United States of Tennessee, when a person is happy, he keeps others happy. As well as when he shouts, he gets angry at others.

Researchers are searching for a relationship between smiles and emotions
According to the researchers, when a person appears to be concerned, he gets very frustrated. But researchers say that this does not make it very effective in controlling the mental state like depression. According to researcher Nicholas Calls, a traditional understanding says that if we laugh, we can be a little more happy.
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PhD scholar Nicholas Calls from Social Psychology claims that feelings are felt if the body and brain connect with each other during laugh. There is still research going on about the upcoming price on the face. But based on the results that have come so far, we have reached closer to understanding emotions.

Some discoveries have happened that it has not yet been clarified that facial expressions can experience emotions. Since the 1970s, psychologists have been investigating this topic. About 11 thousand people worldwide are doing this. But the results of the research show that less than the expression of the face is definitely less influenced by emotions.
Try this solution to prevent damage to the eyes by continuously working on the computer

Most of the work is done through a technology nowadays in digital time. As the morning rises, the eyes fall on the phone screen. Then come back to the office and have to work constantly in front of the computer. A mobile phone arrives at hand even when it gets nights. In this way, our eyes remain on an electronic screen in some way throughout our day. As a result, inflammation occurs in the eyes, sometimes the eyes become dry. Sometimes it seems to look dim for a few moments. It is necessary to pay special attention to the eyes in these circumstances.

If it is not possible to reduce the working hours on the computer, try not to constantly sit against the computer. Take a look at the screen from time to time and do some exercise with the eyes.

Keep these things special attention to not letting the eyes hurt

The computer screen should be in front of your eyes or slightly lower
Doctorial advice and periodic eye drops.
Take a look at the computer screen every 20 minutes and see the space that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
According to the timing of the decision, keep the springs fluttering.
Set a 20-minute alarm for mobile if you do not even have time to work and look taller, which will remind you that you have to exercise your eyes.
Set the computer's brightness by time Keep Brightness down at night. Keep a distance between 20 to 30 inches between the computer screen and the eye at the time of day.
Blue light rays emanating from the mobile screen cause much damage to the eyes and disturbs sleep. To prevent this, use a mobile app that uses a Blue Light filter like 'Twilight'.

If you take sleeping pills, be alarmed, high blood pressure can be a problem

Many people seem to be taking sleeping pills because they are more stressed or unable to sleep. Initially these tablets give peace and good sleep for a while. But this habit can prove to be dangerous for any person. If you take sleeping pills, be attentive.

Bunch of White Oval Medication Tablets and White Medication Capsules
sleeping pills

A recent study found that people who take sleeping pills every day are more at risk of having high blood pressure problems. According to researchers from Spain's Automoma de Madrid University, blood pressure problems can arise among older people taking regular sleeping pills. This study was published in the International Journal of Geriatrics and Gerontolgy.

A study team of researchers involved 752 elderly people suffering from stress and blood pressure for this study. During their study, it was found that about 156 people had increased the number of anti-hypertensive medications. The use of this anti-hypertensive drug has not seen any change in the duration or quality of sleep. The team of researchers advised the elders that eating sleep pills could cause high blood pressure problems in the future. Also, an inappropriate lifestyle signals to diseases such as blood pressure.

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