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what factor cause to lose wight in our life

what factor cause to lose wight in our life?

1. Change at least 7 hours a day

When a person sleeps at least 7 hours a day, his metabolism stabilizes and this necessarily helps in reducing the weight.

2. Reduce the tension

Despite prevailing views, people usually get fat when they are under great stress. And there are several reasons why: Stress causes most of us to eat much more "food compensates" than usual, which harms the balance of our metabolism and can lead to overweight. Try to reduce stress, surround yourself with people, situations and feelings that do you good. Free image site visits neetsman

3. Treat yourself from time to time

From time to time indulge yourself in a dessert or cocktail you so avoid. If it's once a week, at the end of a Friday dinner, a sweet chocolate cake - that's fine. Pick the hard day of the week and allow yourself a little pampering. Not only will this dispel the desire it will also make the difficult day become much more pleasant. And do not worry, dessert after a proper meal, once a week, will not hurt your weight ...
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4. Allow your muscles to recover after a workout

Intensive daily training does not necessarily produce desired results. After exercise, the muscles need time to recover - as a rule, it is advisable to divide the work into muscle groups, so that all three exercises should be repeated in the muscle group.

5. Do not equip yourself with junk food

One of the effective ways to lose weight is not to put junk food home. Just so! You can not desire what you do not have. And if you need it, you'll have to make do with something healthy and nutritious instead.

6. Find a story or picture of someone who inspires you

Inspiration is essential for weight loss. Look at the picture, change the story as a mantra, and prove to yourself that you can do just like him.

7. Learn what foods are good and bad for you

To lose weight quickly, you need to know which foods are more friendly and which are not. What is the nutritional value of all foods and how they contribute to the body. And not at a schematic level, be aware of how each food makes you feel. Does pasta make you feel heavy, does a salad satisfy you, does meat make you firm, etc.

8. Do not skip protein

It is very important to have a balanced diet when trying to lose weight. That's why you need to make sure that at least two daily meals contain enough protein (eggs, white meat, fish ...). If you are a vegetarian, you can eat tofu, beans or asparagus. Protein will help you feel fuller, will help build your muscles after exercise and will help nurture and strengthen the skin, nails and hair.

9. Avoid emotional eating

It can be difficult to distinguish between a real need to eat and an emotional need, but when you have a program of five regular meals, it will be harder to be tempted. You must make sure that you are eating the right things at the right time in the right place. So there will be no chance of emotional eating, one that prevents a sense of compensation, greed or unpleasantness.

10.Eat with fewer people

Eating with a small group of people compared to a large group ensures that you eat less - not only because there will be less supply on the table but mainly because you will spend less time around the table.

11. Listen to your body

Listening to the body is the surest way of not eating too much. As mentioned, the brain signals at least 20 minutes after the sensation of satiety. In addition, the taste buds that strongly felt the taste of food at the beginning of eating, relax during eating. When there is a moment between bite and bite where you stop and take a deep breath - it's just the moment to stop eating. When the stomach is full and the taste buds no longer notice the flavors, even if the body has not yet received a signal from the brain that is seven, listen to the body and stop.

12. Kiss as much as possible

A kiss burns 5-6 calories per minute, so the more you kiss, the more calories you will burn. Besides, a kiss releases endorphins that makes you feel more uplifted and think about it, a kiss is an excellent occupation here.

13. Find your fiber dose

Fiber is essential for weight loss and proper functioning of the body; The digestive system will work smoothly, as well as metabolism and as a rule, the feeling will be much better. Combine fiber for breakfast or salad ...

14. Add a variety

Routine can get boring from time to time, so try to incorporate new physical exercises, try new recipes, try new tracks or anything that will diversify your day without breaking the weight loss program.

15. Do not starve yourself

When you try to lose weight, skipping meals does not help, on the contrary, it puts the body in the 'Stres' and then it will actually save the fat stores and will not break them. Besides, the starvation of the body produces deprivation and then causes a double compensatory eating and harm to health.

16. Be realistic

Not every day you get fat and not every day you lose weight. Define achievable goals.

17. Avoid negatives

Remove negative elements from your life - reduce communication with people who depress you and hurt your self-image and stick to those that contribute to building your self-confidence.

18.   Replace your unhealthy foods and drinks

Any unhealthy food or drink, they found his alternative - a carbonated drink, replaced with water. Chocolate cake, replaced with a dark chocolate cube. A bag of potato chips replaced with grapes, etc.

19. Employ yourself

The more busy you are and active outside the home, the more time you will have to flank the refrigerator and think about food.

20. Take a refreshing walk

After dinner, catch your foot, instead of turning on the TV - take a refreshing walk.

21. Take a picture of "Before" and "After"

This will motivate you and your curiosity to meet your goals and create change.
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22. Drink plenty of water

Drinking should not take too much of your time, and if you just stick to a bottle of water and drink all the time, you will not have to waste time trying to figure out if you drank enough today. Studies have found that drinking water increases the sense of satiety and therefore makes people eat less. A study conducted in adults showed that drinking half a liter of water half an hour before meal reduces the intensity of hunger and the caloric intake of the meal.

23. Hide the junk

Far from the eye, far from the heart - worn, but working. If you want to reduce your chances of eating unhealthy foods, place them in a back closet, preferably behind a few cans. The less accessible and within sight, the better. Studies show that daily exposure to high-calorie foods increases hunger and cravings. Accordingly, studies recommend holding healthy snacks, such as fruits, in an accessible place and before your eyes.

24. When you are already sinning, use small plates

A small plate makes its contents look bigger. So if you have already given in to your instincts and reached for the bag of chips or the ice-cream container in the freezer, at least you were given a dish for a small dish that would make your brain think it was eating more.

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