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What should be the right dinner menu, Proper Nutrition for Dinner?

What should be the right dinner menu. Proper Nutrition for Dinner 

  • See 20 Options for the Right Protein Dinner:
  • Bon hunger and healthy dinner!
  • Rules for planning dinner
  • What to eat for dinner with proper nutrition
  • Proper nutrition for dinner corresponding menu
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healthy dinner 

(Dinner PP)
Every competent nutritionist will say that to lose weight and to fit, you must eat 5 times a day and firmly observe the balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

If breakfast and lunch are more understandable and varied, then dinner sometimes leads to a dead end. Let's see what is the best to eat in the evening.

You will be surprised, but this is not a vegetable salad and neither apples nor khefir. The most true and reliable option for dinner is protein. And it's also not so important what kind of it will be. The fact is that by the end of the day, we do not need the energy given by carbohydrates and at night, when the body relaxes, the muscles are resumed. For the proper operation of this process, your body needs building materials - this is a protein.

For this reason, vegetable salad dinners can only be relatively true. Yes, he has fewer calories, but vegetables are carbohydrates, although slow, we need such fiber. This is a great meal, but, alas, not dinner. Of course, salad for dinner is a good idea. But it must be a protein component and, best, the main ingredient.

See 20 Options for the Right Protein Dinner:

A simple omelette made from a combination of egg whites and milk, a few fresh tomatoes, or any frozen vegetables, such as green beans.
Roasted chicken fillet, pre-pickled lemon juice with spices, with a salad of any vegetables.
Other brewed fish with caddy, salmon or side dish of vegetables.
Rabbit meat roasted in foil in an oven with a tomato salad.
Boiled rice rice with seafood and vegetables
Light soup with chicken, fish and seafood soup. Do not mix in a light soup designed for dinner, potatoes, meat and grains.
Baked chicken fillet with spices with spices.
Cottage cheese with cinnamon 150 grams
150 g cottage cheese with herbs and garlic.
Fish or chicken cutlet fired in the oven.
2 cottage cheese omelet and 100 grams of cottage cheese from proteins. You can add green beans, herbs and spices.
Vegetables and tuna salads in their own interest.
Boiled popcorn and boiled beans for decoration.
Chilli from lean ground beef and red beans.
Crispy veal with vegetable sauce.
The turkey belt, fired in foil, and fresh herbs and cucumber side dish.
Salad from a mixture of lettuce leaves and mozzarella cheese
Salad with chicken breast and celery.
Sea bay fired on vegetable cushion.
Chicken skewers in ginger-lemon marinade

As you can see, you can have dinner very tasty and diverse.

Bon hunger and healthy dinner!

Nutritionists argue that eating in the evening is not just for those who see their figure. Evening foods have adverse effects on the function of human organs. Unfortunately, the body is not able to adjust the body in body rhythm.

Everyone has a site that controls the body's physical processes - hypothalamus. It is associated with the functions of the endocrine gland system (pituitary), which is responsible for the functioning of the body and its endocrine system, as well as regulate the body condition of the limbs and the person.

Man does not have the ability to change his body's biological composition. It can not control body respiration, heart rate, intestines and abdominal function. For the body to always be healthy, it is necessary to create nutrition properly for the whole day.

At night, all the organs and cells in the body are restored. Accumulated stress, food, which fills the stomach throughout the day, does not interfere with comfort now. Therefore, before going to bed you do not have to eat high-calorie foods so that the whole body can not be completely disrupted. All night snacks reflect the development of melatonin. Despite fatigue, a person becomes nervous, upset, unable to sleep quietly.

Appetite can absorb accumulated fat in the body. Experiments conducted by athletes show that if you do not take food for the night, fat is processed very well, and hunger contributes to the development of muscles and biceps. The habit of eating dinner at night develops obesity, which is very difficult to get rid of in the future. And at the age of 24, its growth is growing. There is no need to use large amounts of carbohydrate in the adult body, because it occurs in childhood and adolescence.

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Rules for planning dinner

The question of time to eat dinner is always there. Those who get up early and afterwards (21.22 hours) rest, the dinner should be 18-00. Night owls can arrange dinner for themselves, 3-4 hours before bedtime. During this time, foods are digested, digested and the stomach will relax during sleep. Products should be in the light, quickly absorbed by the body. If the dinner does not start in time, you can do the main thing in a moderate, after a while. Before sleeping, the production of fermentation milk or yogurt will be sufficient, and the body will not feel hungry. If you can not resist salt, you can replace it with honey (a teaspoon). Place honey in your mouth and dissolve, it is not necessary to swallow immediately. You can drink a glass of water or mint dunk. After honey, a person's appetite disappears. It also helps to improve sleep.

What to eat for dinner with proper nutrition

Food for dinner, around 20% of all food consumed throughout the day. His caloric content should not exceed 300, 400 c / s. The dinner contains proteins that contain proteins and vegetables. Foods with proteins are 2 times less than vegetable ingredients. Vegetables must be divided into two parts. One part heat treatment can be done: boil in an oven or stew in the oven. The second group is used for raw vegetable salad.

The amount of food you should have for dinner should be fit in the palm of your hand (fingers are not counted). The proportion is one to two. One palm - protein in food, two palm - vegetables. Foods that contain large amounts of protein: fish, all types of grapes, eggs, chicken, yogurt products, cheese, mushrooms. Protein products will be cooked from blossom or broccoli, pumpkin, zucin, celery, tomato, cucumber, avocado.

Do not eat potatoes, pasta, porridge during dinner. Nutritionists recommend that dinner is kept without fried foods, dumpling, reavioli, desserts, baked foods. Dinner from these foods will increase the load on the internal organs (liver, stomach, pancreas), which is not very desirable. During sleep, glucose has not been processed, which means it will be deposited in fat. Before bedtime, the feeling of hunger can be glass with apples, caffeine spices or spices: ginger, coriander, cardamom, black pepper. They increase the metabolism pace in the body.

Proper nutrition for dinner corresponding menu

The right dinner should be properly communicated, thinking and creating the menu is essential.

It should look like this:

Monday: Fish, fired in the oven + Flowers or broccoli salad, equipped with sunflower oil (150 grams of product - 20 grams.)
Tuesday: Chicken fillet + Vegetables (100 grams of yield - 150 grams.)
Wednesday: seafood + vegetables (output 100 g - 150g.)
Thursday: Vegetable, boiled or stewed + boiled poultry meat (150 grams of yield - 100g.)
Friday: Omele + Vegetables (200 gms of yield.)
Saturday: cottage cheese casserole (output 150 g.)
For a female, one part of the dinner is 250 grams, and for a strong half - 100 grams. The ratio of more cooked nights should be: Protein + Vegetables. For men - 100 grams. Squirrel + 250g Vegetable for women - 70 grams Squirrel + 180 grams. Vegetable calories are prescribed by food intake (about 250/350 kilocalories). Nutritionists advise to avoid fat sour, butter, spicy cats, during dinner. This diet makes it difficult to digest proteins.

At the end of the dinner, it is better to spend less time in traffic: walking, housekeeping. This will ensure better sleep, and a beautiful shape.

How to make dinner is not only delicious but also useful? Let's find out.

Probably every one of us at least once in life, but asked the question: "What to cook for dinner" Of course, there are a wide variety of cooking options, but how can you choose from all of these really worthwhile? How to make dinner is not tasty, but also useful? Let's find out.

All you need to know about "right" dinner
"Right" dinner time.

According to the rule, dinner is a meal that serves in the evening. When should dinner be started so that it does not harm health and does not add "extra" pounds? Of course, we all had dinner from 19.00 to 20.00 on work or from school, at dinner, at dinner. But experts say that bedtime should be eaten three hours in advance. So, if you go to sleep at 22.00 - 23.00 in the evening, this option is the best thing to eat. Otherwise, for example, if you've been late for work, it's better to take hearty dinner and just take a snack.

Which recipes should have a "right" dinner.

So, what are the dishes from the right dinner? Maybe you could say, from the meat. What's fairly true. As a rule, what to do for dinner, you do not need to think too much. Any dish served for dinner should include meat products with side dish. The only exceptions are vegetarians and people who are in the diet. And, what is cooking based on their taste preferences for dinner people?

Dinner for two or guests

What to do for dinner depends on each of us. But the number of people who will sit with you in the night is important to consider. It should be understood that if you have two you will make less recipes. If you invite guests, you need to create a menu in advance. Maybe there is a child in your home? After making dinner, it is worthwhile to proceed with its will.

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